Two teenage boys are charged o

Stock image via Unsplash

Two teenage boys are charged over kangaroo killings in Australia

Two teenage boys have been charged over allegedly deliberately killing more than a dozen kangaroos on Australia’s east coast.

Two teenage boys are charged o

Stock image via Unsplash

Two teenagers were charged Tuesday over an alleged attack that left 14 kangaroos dead on Australia’s east coast in an act labelled “tragic and senseless” by animal rescuers.

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The pair of 17-year-old boys were arrested after locals discovered the dead eastern grey kangaroos, including two joeys, near Batemans Bay, about four hours drive south of Sydney on Saturday morning, police said.

“It is a tragic and senseless act that has left an indelible mark on our dedicated Mid South Coast branch volunteers who attended the scene, as well as the local residents,” wildlife rescue organisation WIRES said on Facebook.

Police said they found the dead animals across two separate areas near the beachside town. 


A member of the public discovered one surviving joey, which was nicknamed “Hope” by rescuers.

“Surprisingly, she’s doing incredibly well,” Mid South Coast WIRES chair Janelle Renes told national broadcaster ABC.

“When she got here, she was pretty much lifeless. It took about two hours to warm her up and to see any real signs that she was going to survive.”

The boys will face a children’s court on November 22, charged with recklessly beating and killing an animal.

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