lion fight

These lions were having a big fight right next to some tourists. Image via Facebook: @KrugerMagazine

‘Scared to death’: Tourist treated to up-close lion fight [watch]

‘Taking chances’: Netizens have been left shaking in their boots after watching a clip of lions fighting right next to some tourists.

lion fight

These lions were having a big fight right next to some tourists. Image via Facebook: @KrugerMagazine

It isn’t every day you get to see a lion fight for his life right before your eyes. A video of some tourists getting a close-up of the wild catfight has been shared online and has racked up hundreds and thousands of views and comments from social media users who cannot believe how calm the tourists are who recorded the big lion brawl.

Many of them commented on how many they would’ve reacted in the undoubtedly harrowing situation.

Lion fight knocks the socks off from social media users

A sleeping lion is scary to see but so one who is awake and fighting is definitely something else.

A clip shared on Facebook on 28 May by Kruger Magazine shows exactly how scary lions can be especially when they are protecting their territory.

In the video which has since gone viral on the social media app, the lions appear to be going about their day as tourists look on.

Suddenly another lion from a different pack comes and almost instantly starts a big fight.

Oddly enough the animals all disperse leaving the tourists a little bit scared and a lot entertained.

Netizens react

Social media users have shared their thoughts on the clip and were surprised at how calmly the tourists were watching.

Here are some of their hilarious comments:

Annette Runge:

“Well, I’ll be the one to admit that I would have been scared to death and would have needed to go change my pants. WOW, amazing video !!! Thank you for sharing !!! Blessings and Peace from Pennsylvania!!”

Rosemary Coff said:

“Taking chances. Way too near. No talking and movements should be made. They can be thankful the lions were preoccupied with one another. One day they’ll go to far….”

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