Survival mode: Top five countr

Views in Ireland. Image via Twitter @mic.

Survival mode: Top five countries to be during global apocalypse

From Iceland to Ireland, researchers have selected the top five countries best suited to survive an apocalypse.

Survival mode: Top five countr

Views in Ireland. Image via Twitter @mic.

Researchers Nick King and Aled Jones have put together a list of the top five countries best suited to survive an apocalypse measured against carrying capacity, isolation and self-sufficiency.


Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University’s Global Sustainability Institute in England used data from the University of Notre Dame’s Global Adaptation Initiative to grade the 20 least vulnerable countries on the following criteria, 

  • Carrying capacity: How much land is being used for farming to sustain the current population? High agricultural land per capita is good.
  • Isolation: How close is the country to other highly populated areas? Further away is better.
  • Self-sufficiency: Does the country produce its own renewable energy and have manufacturing capacity? More is better.

Co-authors Nick King and Aled Jones found five locations suited for global collapse with each being islands with large metropolitan regions and therefore able to sustain millions of people.


New Zealand is naturally cooler than many regions across the world therefore the area would be well suited in the event of increased temperatures. According to Business Insider, close to 40% of the country’s primary energy comes from renewable resources and the nation produced enough energy to cover 75% of its energy requirements. 

The country also proved to be able to survive periods of hardship during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Wealthy Silicon Valley executives have already been purchasing property in the country in preparation for an apocalypse.


Iceland takes the second spot as the country has an abundance of natural and renewable energy resources and is closer to the North Pole therefore, the climate is much cooler than other countries and able to handle significant increase in temperatures. Farmers in the country also grow more than half of their produce using renewable energy.

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The perks of the United Kingdom include available farmland, milder temperatures and a plethora of precipitation makes the country a good region to rebuild society if necessary according to the researchers. In addition the country is not often hit with major natural disasters. 

However, the country also has a limited amount of land and an increasing population as well as the energy demands of the population may be a problem in the event of an apocalypse.


The continent of Australia made the list as the massive land makes it a prime spot to ride out to survive an apocalypse and each region boasts a different temperature allowing for increased agriculture and animal biodiversity. 

However, the study notes environmental issues such as rainy regions seeing more precipitation and deserts receiving less water as well as trees becoming drier and hot may lead to wildfires. The researchers note that the state of Tasmania faces fewer effects of climate change and could potentially become the “lifeboat” of the continent. 


The island of Ireland also makes the list, with the low population equating to less energy demand and one third of the island’s energy comes from renewable resources making it a good pick for post-apocalyptic life.

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