screaming dustbins

Man moving a dustbin. Photo: PEXELS / Leika

‘Do it again’: Dustbins scream with pleasure

Swedish dustbins scream with pleasure once a trash is thrown into it like ‘come back soon and do it gain’ or ‘Aaah that was really good’

screaming dustbins

Man moving a dustbin. Photo: PEXELS / Leika

“Aaah that was really good”, “come back soon and do it again” and “Mmmm, thank you”.

It’s not what you think.

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They are audio messages broadcast by rubbish bins in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, where authorities recently changed the voice from a man’s to that of a sensual female, hoping it would be more soothing.

Previously the voice thanking people for disposing their garbage was a male, barking out no-nonsense messages from the public bins.

But in a bid to make the experience of throwing out garbage more pleasant, the voice is now a husky timbre delivering double entendres.

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It’s part of an awareness campaign in the city to clean up public spaces by discouraging littering.

Located near the main shopping street on the David Hall bridge, the dustbins were installed a few years ago in Sweden’s third largest city.

A detector triggers the messages every time someone opens a dustbin.

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