Siv Ngesi ‘sells’ SA to fossil

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Siv Ngesi ‘sells’ SA to fossil fuel companies in new satirical ad [watch]

An exciting investment opportunity? Siv Ngesi is inviting fossil fuel companies to ‘come and dig up oil, gas and coal in South Africa’.

Siv Ngesi ‘sells’ SA to fossil

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South Africa’s edgiest satirical news show, Politically Aweh, is back with another spicy video starring the multi award-winning actor, Siv Ngesi. This time the team got their hands on a leaked video from inside the South African Department of Mineral Resources and Energy. And it’s a shocker.

Selling SA | Fossil fuel companies

The video is an invitation to fossil fuel companies around the world to “come and dig up oil, gas and coal in South Africa… and hurry while stocks last – there isn’t much of the country we haven’t sold off yet!” This all yelled at the viewer infomercial style while a real map of South Africa’s petroleum exploration areas pops up on screen.

The Politically Aweh team collaborated with and the Climate Justice Coalition on the project as a part of their campaign to #UprootTheDMRE happening around the country starting 22 September.

Climate Change | Gwede Mantashe

According to them, the DMRE, under the leadership of Minister Gwede Mantashe, is a major block to South Africa making progress towards a just and sustainable energy and mining future, which is why it’s the target of the campaign, with activists hoping to pile enough pressure on President Cyril Ramaphosa to ask Mantashe to step aside.

Climate change has been a frequent theme on the youth-focused South African news and politics YouTube channel, with Politically Aweh having come away first place in 2020 edition of the Inside The Greenhouse Climate & Comedy video competition organised at the University of Colorado Boulder in the US.

Previous climate related videos on the channel include a 2019 series about the effects of climate change in South Africa, a video explainer about what a Green New Deal for South Africa could look like, and a comedy explainer presented by much-loved comic, KG Mokgadi, about another DMRE decision: the plan to contract three gas powerships through a Turkish company called Karpowership for 20 years.

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