Quinton de Kock stars in hilar

Image: Rockwood Conservation/YouTube

Quinton de Kock stars in hilarious new ad to raise awareness for rhinos [video]

Quinton de Kock is a natural in front of the camera as he partners with Rockwood Conservation for a special campaign to benefit rhino conservation.

Quinton de Kock stars in hilar

Image: Rockwood Conservation/YouTube

South African cricketer Quinton de Kock is inviting you to join him for a luxury rhino encounter in a new hilarious advertisement.

Join Quinton de Kock in the ‘wild Kalahari

Yes, you can come to the crease by supporting Rockwood rhino conservation, and win a once-in-a-lifetime VIP rhino encounter experience with De Kock and over 300 rhinos. Rockwood – which is located in the vast, untouched Northern Cape of South Africa, nestled between the Great Karoo and the kalahari – is giving you and three of your friends the chance to hang out with De Kock for four nights at Rockwood’s 5-Star Lodge, be coached by De Kock during a game of casual bush cricket, be part of a rhino darting/capturing operation, go on horseback wildlife safaris -and enjoy VIP spa treatments.

In the ad, De Kock experiences just how wild the kalahari can be, all while getting a facial treatment.

There’s also a hilarious sequence where De Kock is running frorm the rhinos, but not particularly at a fast pace.

“As a nature lover I’ve partnered with this amazing team to support a cause that is close to my heart,” he says while riding a horse. “Oof. I’ll stick to cars,” he continues.

Watch: A trip to Rockwood


Find out how to enter over here.

Saving the rhino

Born out of a dream of one man, Wicus Diedericks, Rockwood was transformed in 2013 from a cattle and sheep farm into 30 000 acres dedicated to the protection of wild rhinos and endemic species. They take an aggressive stance to rhino conservation. While living under 24-hour security surveillance is not how rhinos would typically live in the wild, it is their best bet in keeping them safe from their biggest threats: expanding human settlement and agriculture, unchecked illegal poaching, and human apathy. What’s more, according to Rockwood, currently, rhino deaths outnumber births.

“All for a belief that their horns have medicinal properties and convey status. Our ultimate goal is to see rhinos walk free. Until then, we are committed to protecting and repopulating the species to prevent white rhino extinction.”

To date, they have celebrated more than 130 rhino births at Rockwood.

“Currently, our rhino reproduction rate is higher than it is in the wild, which is undoubtedly one of our biggest conservation success stories.”