Fisherman whale vomit

This fisherman found 30kg of whale vomit. Image via Twitter: @Knewz_Currently

Fisherman hits jackpot after finding 30kg lump of whale vomit worth R20m

One fisherman who usually makes R4k a month has become an instant millionaire after finding 30kg of whale vomit on a beach in Thailand!

Fisherman whale vomit

This fisherman found 30kg of whale vomit. Image via Twitter: @Knewz_Currently

One man’s life has been changed forever after he spotted what looked like a whale vomit on a Thailand beach. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that it was indeed whale vomit and a large amount at that. After taking it for evaluation, he discovered that it’s worth close to R20 million rand.

Fisherman makes a worthwhile discovery on a Thai beach

Narong Phetcharaj had just finished a day’s work of fishing when he spotted a strange object being pushed to the shore by the current at Niyom beach in Surat Thani province.

As he got closer, he discovered that it was whale vomit – or ambergris – a greyish solid waxy substance that is made in the digestive system of sperm whales that is usually worth a whole lot of money as it is used to stabilise the scent in perfumes while making it last longer.

Phetcharaj who usually makes about R4000 monthly believed that his find could be worth a lot and soon he was off to Prince of Songkla University where he discovered that he was indeed in possession of ambergris.

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From humble beginnings to big parties

His find weighed a whopping 30kg and is worth around R20 million rand – more money than he has ever had in his entire life. According to Daily Mail, Phetcharaj has already received a certificate to prove it’s real and plans on selling it to the highest bidder.

“I’m so excited I don’t know what to do. I plan to sell the ambergris as I’ve already received a certificate to prove that it’s real.

“If I can get a good price, I’ll retire from working as a fisherman and throw a party for my friends,” he said in the article.

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