A family of bears decided to live under a Californian home. Images via Facebook: @BEARLeague

Family shocked after discovering FIVE bears snoring under their home

A family had the shock of their lives after finding that the strange sounds coming from under their house was actually five snoring bears.


A family of bears decided to live under a Californian home. Images via Facebook: @BEARLeague

A Californian family was mind-blown after they discovered a family of bears hibernating underneath their house. According to reports, the family heard strange rumbling sounds coming from below their property but couldn’t put their finger on where the sound could possibly be coming from.

It was later discovered that the sounds were actually coming from the family of bears who were snoring loudly all through winter.

Family discovers five bears underneath their home

Imagine waking up to find not one but five bears living on the same property as you? One Californian family doesn’t have to imagine since this actually happened to them.

Briefly News reports that the family received unexpected visitors at the start of winter and spent the season wondering why there was “some odd rumbling, snoring-like noises” coming from underneath their house.

After going to investigate, the American family discovered that a grown bear and her four small cubs had been hibernating under their property.

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Unsure of what to do next, the family enlisted the help of the BEAR League – a nonprofit dedicated to helping people successfully get rid of the big animals.

Soon the league visited the family and woke the sleeping bears before getting the momma to leave with her little cubs in tow.

Taking to Facebook, the organisation shared how they managed to pull off the successful move.

Not unusual at all

According to reports, these animals are known to try and hibernate under homes. HuffPost says that the openings underneath many American homes can look like cave openings that they usually occupy during the hibernation period.

BEAR league helps people whose homes have become occupied by bears by safely guiding the animals off the property.

Over the years, the organisation has shared many online posts of successful animal evacuations and appears to be helping people understand the misunderstood animals.