Earth Day

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Earth Day 2020 goes digital: Here’s how you can get involved

Today marks 50 years of celebrating Earth Day. It will be the first time that this environmental event will be celebrated digitally.

Earth Day

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The theme for this year’s Earth Day is climate action. Climate change has been a contentious socio-political topic for numerous years and proves to be one of the biggest issues to face the future of humanity. The environmental day set aside to encourage consciousness for the state of the planet was first celebrated in 1970.

Earth day sees people from different political stances and beliefs come together to bring light to the human impact that is made on the environment. Environmental decay caused by human impact includes; oil spills, landfills, loss of wilderness and extinction of certain species. Fifty years later this day is as relevant as ever. It is imperative that humans make a conscious change to how they interact with the environment and call for presidents to review their policies and to take climate change seriously.

Earth Day events celebrated through digital platforms

Social distancing during the time of the pandemic means that clean ups and social gatherings will not be taking place this year. Instead, environmental organisations will be posting content online to allow engagement and debates surrounding environmental issues. Virtual protests, attending online webinars as well as virtual events are just some ways that you can still show your support to the cause.

In addition to this, Earth Day Live and Earth Day Network have created a three-day live online event hosted from 22 April until 24 April. Notable celebrities who are making an appearance during this event include artist, Jason Mraz, environmentalist, Al Gore and actors, Mark Ruffalo and Zac Efron.

If this lockdown period has shown us anything, it is that citizens can stand together during a time of a crisis. Earth Day and the current pandemic that has put a halt to everyday human activity work hand in hand. The goal is to flatten the curve by staying indoors but to also reduce our carbon footprint. The end goal is to create a society that is both sustainable and that brings justice to all its citizens.

To join this live event sign up here.

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