WATCH: Hippo tries to rescue p

Image: LatestSightings/YouTube

WATCH: Hippo tries to rescue pregnant impala from a wild dog, hyena

A video of a pregnant impala being hunted by a wild dog, hyena and a leopard is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

WATCH: Hippo tries to rescue p

Image: LatestSightings/YouTube

A new video from Latest Sightings confirms that nature can be quite cruel!

Hunting a pregnant impala

The wildlife app recently shared a video of a hungry wild dog hunting a pregnant impala, who was then almost rescued by a hippo, after being hunted by a hyena and stolen by a leopard!

The app says that it was pandemonium in the Greater Kruger when the whole ordeal took place. The sighting was captured by the 31-year-old, industrial psychologist, Gabi Hotz, while enjoying a peaceful sundowner in Djuma Sabi Sand.

“On an afternoon sundowners, the bush was extremely tranquil and peaceful, until a wild dog created absolute pandemonium,” Gabi told Latest Sightings.

It is reported that impalas are able to run at speeds faster than 60km/h, unfortunately for this impala, not even speed would get her out of this situation alive.

“A lone wild dog chased the impala into the water, she was then guided out of the water by a hippo, where she quickly met her fate.

“After being taken down by the wild dog, a hyena joined the feast that was more than anyone had bargained for. The hyena ripped open the impala’s stomach and pulled out a fully formed fetus. The impala fetus was devoured within minutes.”

Cara the leopard jumps in

From the tree branches in the distance, a young female leopard named Cara sat and waited for her chance to get her share.

“The commotion caused by a herd of elephants nearby resulted in the feasting wild dog running to join the rest of the pack. This created enough of a distraction for Cara to take the leap and steal the impala, pulling it into the tree away from any hungry mouths.

“We all watched in shock and sadness at the fate of the poor impala and her unborn offspring. A surreal reminder that nature can be cruel. I am grateful for the time I get to spend in Africa, my home and biggest piece of my heart!”

*This video may upset sensitive viewers: