Follow four gripping true-crim

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Follow four gripping true-crime series on CBS Justice this September

From ‘The Good Cop’ to ‘Framed By The Killer’, here are four true-crime series coming to CBS Justice this September.

Follow four gripping true-crim

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True-crime stories became a popular source of entertainment over the past couple of years. Stories about real-life villains and criminal cases draw millions of viewers and eventually turn them into self-proclaimed crime junkies, writes The Daily Titan. It is believed this is due to the intriguing aspects of some of the cases that rivet us, capturing our imaginations and sense of wonder, which makes us question why anyone would do such a thing.

Watch four great true-crime series on CBS Justice

If you are drawn to true-crime documentaries, CBS Justice (DStv channel 170), is set to have a range of series making their channel premiere this coming September. From an inside look at the life of an actual detective from Australia to the twisted ways in which killers frame innocent people, here are four true-crime shows for all the couch-detectives out there to decipher:

The Good Cop | Season 1

Ron Iddles plays The Good Cop from Australia in this six-episode television series. Image: Supplied

For many years, television companies have dreamt of doing a series with Ron Iddles. Now that Ron has retired, he is ready to tell his story. How did this intuitive cop put more murderers behind bars than any other Homicide detective in Australia? Did you know that his conviction rate was 99%? In The Good Cop, Ron Iddles shares his secrets.

Each episode will take us behind the scenes of one of Ron’s most challenging murder cases. Ron’s voice will be the backbone of the episode – his stories illustrated with compelling drama scenes, filmed in a modern crime-noir style. Complementing Ron’s story will be powerful insights from the victims’ families, his homicide colleagues, journalists and even Ron’s informers and suspects. Many of these people have never told their stories on television. The Good Cop is more than a crime show. It is a master class in detective work from one of Australia’s top police officers.

Catch The Good Cop on Sundays at 19:00 from 5 September until 10 October 2021 on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170).

Accident, Suicide or Murder | Season 1 and 2

Accident, Suicide or Murder investigates mysterious deaths. Image: Supplied

Accident, Suicide or Murder takes viewers through the stunning twists and turns of real-life cases involving suspicious deaths.

At the heart of each case is a pressing question: was the victim’s demise the result of an accident, suicide, or possibly murder? Each hour-long episode traces the evolution of the investigation, from the discovery of the victim to the gathering of evidence to the efforts of detectives and family members determined to expose the truth, once and for all. This true-crime series received a rating of 7/10 on IMDb.

Catch Accident, Suicide or Murder weeknights at 20:00 from 6 September until 5 October 2021 on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170).

Evidence of Evil | Season 3

Evidence of Evil reconstructs startling criminal cases. Image: Supplied

The CBS Justice original true-crime production, Evidence of Evil follows some of the most startling criminal cases of the past 20 years by looking at how technology has changed the course of these investigations to bring killers and criminals to justice.

Hello Magazine writes that “you’ll be blown away at how cases are cracked – and you’ll totally turn into a top-class armchair detective”. Even though you may not be familiar with some of the real-life cases in the series, Evidence of Evil will not make you forget about them soon.

Catch Evidence of Evil weeknights at 21:00 from 6 September until 17 September 2021 on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170).

Framed By The Killer 

Framed by the Killer looks at suspects who were framed by the actual killer. Image: Supplied

After Ice-T took viewers into In Ice Cold Blood, the American rapper produced Framed By The Killer in which killers try to frame innocent people for crimes they did not commit. Each episode delves into a murder case that appears to have a clear perpetrator until evidence reveals that the initial suspect was actually set up by the real murderer.

The premiere episode, for example, follows a successful entrepreneur who is found dead on the side of the road. When unexpected clues are found during the autopsy, investigators uncover a devious sex cult and are drawn into the religion of Santeria, ultimately revealing a killer no one ever suspected.

Allison Crist writes that this series is ‘”chilling” to watch and has some shocking snippets that keep viewers captivated.

Framed By The Killer will air on Sundays at 20:00 from 5 September until 19 September 2021 on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170).