The Sims Spark’d reality television show

Reality television: YouTubers bring ‘The Sims Spark’d’ to life in new show

Fans of ‘The Sims’ franchise are tuning in to watch YouTubers and other online personalities in ‘The Sims Spark’d’ reality television show.

The Sims Spark’d reality television show

Now, when it comes to The Sims Spark’d some people might be sceptical of the idea of a popular game turning into a reality television show.

You may picture the entire show taking place in front of a computer screen. And that is completely understandable. Because, how DOES one turn a strategic life simulating game into an interesting television programme?

Well, I’m sure you have all seen shows such as Project Runway, Top Chef, Survivor, and Dancing with the Stars. The Sims Spark’d takes the format of these popular shows and combines it with The Sims.

Basically, contestants take part in a series of challenges which they must complete within a certain amount of time for a $100 000 (R1.6 million) cash prize.

The catch? They must do it within the game and be as creative as possible about it.

The Sims Spark’d reality television show cast
The cast of ‘The Sims Spark’d’ reality television show are mostly YouTubers.

‘The Sims Spark’d’ cast

The 12 contestants in the first season of The Sims Spark’d are popular YouTubers and other familiar online personalities.

The reason behind this is so that the show kicks off with contestants who already have a fan base. These real-life characters should know what the player’s skills are and what they can expect of them, and they will be hoping to introduce a new audience to the game.

And of course, there cannot be a reality television show without judges. The panel of judges consists of celebrity singer Tayla Parx, YouTube personality Kelsey Impicciche, and game developer Dave Miotke, who has worked on The Sims franchise for more than a decade.

The Sims Spark’d reality television show

Former American Idol contestant Rayvon Owen will host The Sims Spark’d.

Interesting ‘evolution’

 “Something that has always been so special to The Sims, is the community,” said The Sims franchise general manager Lyndsay Pearson in an interview with The Verge.

“Our players connect with each other to celebrate, share, collaborate, and show off the things they’ve been able to make or share their stories.

“What we’re doing with The Sims Spark’d is a really interesting evolution of exactly that. It’s the same DNA, the same motivation.”

  • Catch the all-new game show on TBS on Fridays and Saturdays. An online version of The Sims Spark’d will be available on BuzzFeed’s Multiplayer YouTube channel the following Monday.