electric bike

E-biking is coming to the Cape. Image via E-Biking Africa Facebook

Electric bikes: A unique way to experience the Cape’s beauty

Adventure seekers will soon be able to visit some of the Cape’s best attractions on an electric bike.

electric bike

E-biking is coming to the Cape. Image via E-Biking Africa Facebook

An adventure tour operator offering tours on electric bikes, or e-bikes, indicated that it will be launching an exciting new tour in the Cape region this November.

Electric bikes: Three days, three fantastic locations

Imagine three fun-filled days exploring the Cape on an easy-to-ride electric-bike. Over the three days, the tour will take in three of Cape Town’s most appreciated tourist locations.

The tour is called “e-Bike’s Cape Big 3 Icons”. The three-day package will include visits to the following areas: Stellenbosch, Table Mountain’s Panorama Route and Cape Point.

Exciting experiences and fun-filled moments are guaranteed as visitors will get to feel the pulse of the locations visited on each day of the itinerary.

The tour

The tour will depart from the V&A Waterfront in the morning. Adventure seekers are transferred  to the location which will be visited on each of the days, where they will then use electric bikes to explore the attractions in the area for that day.

The tours will make use of routes that are quieter and less-used by vehicles. The company plans its routes along quieter scenic gravel roads.


Exploring on e-bikes has become popular in many destinations. The e-bike lends a whole new and unique experience to tourists. Exploring by electric bike allows visitors to gain more intimate experiences with the places that are visited.

Riding an e-bike is an enjoyable and exciting activity that also allows riders to get off the beaten track, and see things which are not seen on regular tours, offered by the ordinary tourist day trip.  

No special skills or knowledge are required to ride an e-bike. Riding an e-bike also does not require huge amounts of physical energy, which means that riders can enjoy the sights and sounds of the places they are riding through, without the pedal-power required when riding normal bicycles.


This experience is not intended to be a technical mountain-bike riding experience. It is instead, a three-day fun experience for small groups of adventure seekers.

“We are aiming at people who are looking to visit these icons but would like to do it as a soft adventure experience. We are making it accessible to anyone who is comfortable with the idea of getting onto a bike. We use scenic quiet gravel roads wherever possible,” said e-Bike’s, Bill Schaerer.

The tour is hosted by a professional bike guide, with a mechanic and a support vehicle.

Lunch is included each day, at an eatery in the location being visited on the day. Transfers between the V&A Waterfront and the starting point for the day’s ride are included, as well as the e-bike rental and wet-weather gear.

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