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Eight home organisation ideas you can easily master

In a disorganised home, everything feels like clutter and makes you feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable.


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But then, getting organised can sometimes feel tedious and overwhelming, which explains why most homeowners opt to put it off multiple times before marshalling enough energy to do it eventually.

Organising your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Instead of setting aside a whole day for home organisation, it is easier and more effective to break up your bigger picture into small, doable tasks. You can complete one task in just a few minutes and by the time you are done with them all, you will be the proud owner of a spotless, gleaming home.

Looking for some home organisation ideas to get you started? Here are eight brilliant ideas that you can easily master.

Declutter your cupboard

If your closet is so jam-packed, whip it back into shape with these four cupboard reorganisation tips:

•           Throw away all the hangers you don’t use anymore.

•           Keep your shoes in stackable linen drop-front shoe boxes. It is very easy to retrieve them from such boxes.

•           If you need some extra space for your socks or underwear, place a kitchen basket in the closet. You can even hang it from the ceiling.

•           If something is worn out, throw it out. If you haven’t worn it all year but it’s still in good shape, donate it.

•           Use hooks to hang bags, accessories, and jackets on the cupboard wall.

Try the ‘night before’ organisation technique

This means having everything you are going to need in the morning ready before going to bed. Teach everyone in the household to be doing that, the kids included. Here are four tips to get you started:

  • Set out everything for breakfast, except for the refrigerated foods. That includes the spoons, plates, and anything you will need at the dining table in the morning.
  • Prepare the clothes you will wear tomorrow and help the kids with their school uniforms.
  • Make school lunches for the kids the night before.
  • Write up your tomorrow’s to-do list tonight and remember to prioritise tasks.

Convert your junk drawer into necessity drawer

You don’t need a junk drawer if everything you have in the home is a necessity. Throw out the junk you keep in your junk drawer and replace it with useful items such as sewing threads, paper clips, tape, scissors. You now have a necessity drawer for items you need to access frequently, but that can easily get lost in the house.

Try the five-minute organisation technique

When you wake up in the morning or immediately after you get home in the evening, spare five minutes to organise a few items. You can, for example:

  • Take a minute to straighten out your bedsheets and smooth out the duvet.
  • Pick up all the clothes off the bedroom floor. Teach your kids to do the same in their bedrooms.
  • Take out the garbage.
  • Put the folded laundry in the closet or in their drawers. If you don’t have any clean laundry, you can take a minute to wipe a few high-traffic surfaces like the kitchen counters.
  • Put away any shoes.

Upgrade your home’s function and efficiency

Maybe your house is disorganised because its space is too limited. Maybe if you had a second bathroom, your mornings could be much lesser hectic. Maybe if you had a deck or a patio for outdoor entertaining, you wouldn’t have to spend your weekend reorganising indoor furniture. Well home remodelling might be the way out of your disorganisation quagmire.

 You can knock down a few walls to increase the dining space, add a few more kitchen cabinets for better organisation in the kitchen, or remodel the bathroom to allow better organisation of cleaning supplies. More functional and efficient homes are always more organised.

Organise your kitchen cabinets into categories

Here are a few kitchen organisation ideas:

  • Keep the cups and glasses arm-length away from the fridge,
  • Take care of your new unassembled cabinets, as soon as possible. Put in order your kitchen appliances and utensils.
  • Have the utensil drawer adjacent to the dishwasher, the pots and pans next to the stove, and the rubbish can near the kitchen bench.
  • Keep the kids’ plates on a lower shelf.

Create a grab and go cleaning station

This helps you keep the cleaning supplies organised and easily accessible. If you don’t have to go searching for the supplies every time you want to do some light cleaning, if all the supplies are right where you need them, you will never have an excuse for keeping your house untidy.

Hang small items

Small items fit very well in small spaces, but they can clutter your house nonetheless. Make use of the vertical space by hanging these items. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hang your blow-dryer and brushes in the bathroom using wooden pegs.
  • Hang towels and robes behind the bathroom door using hooks.
  • Install over-the-door storage units for storing shoes.

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