Ed Sheeran Beyonce Global Citizen

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Why Ed Sheeran is under fire for his Global Citizen duet with Beyonce

Brilliant performance. Brilliant partnership. But what’s got people so upset? Apparently, Ed Sheeran wasn’t dressed appropriately on Sunday…

Ed Sheeran Beyonce Global Citizen

(YouTube screenshot)

Let’s be real for a second, Beyonce’s duet with Ed Sheeran on Sunday night in Johannesburg was an iconic moment for music that belongs to us, the people of South Africa. But for some, it still wasn’t good enough.

There’s a real storm in a teacup that’s been brewing this week, as people began to reflect on the Global Citizen concert. When the Ipswich-born busker was brought on stage to serenade Bey – and the rest of us – with his Perfect ballad, it all seemed hunky-dory.

But these days, you never know what can upset some people. It would appear Ed’s dress sense has riled up a few on social media, with some even making the stretch that it highlights “casual sexism”.

Ed Sheeran and his dress sense raise questions

The crux of the complaint is this: Beyonce, as one of the most popular female performers on the planet, had to go through several extravagant costume changes during her set. Sheeran, meanwhile, was dressed like a man who had R300 to spend in Mr Price.

Some people let this ruin their day, if you could imagine…

Sheeran has since issued a tongue-in-cheek response to the so-called controversy. He shared an article about the clothing row, and signed off with the hashtag: #dresstoimpress.

The critics are missing something incredibly obvious about this whole charade, though. Ed Sheeran made his name as a busker. Over the last decade, his early shows would feature him in last night’s clothes and he’s been crafted to give the aura of an “average guy”. That’s his image.

We’re not quite sure what the Englishman was meant to do, really. You can’t compete with Bey when it comes to fashion. Any effort to dress up would have simply been in vain, anyway.