Image via Facebook: Kajal Raman

Durban shopper ‘mistakenly’ pays R495 for steak and kidney pies [photos]

‘Something is not right’: This shopper went to her local Pick n Pay and ended up paying R495 for pies but Facebook users think 22 were purchased instead of just one or two…


Image via Facebook: Kajal Raman

A quick pie and a cooldrink are often enough to fill anyone up for a few hours. Usually, pies go for around R20-R30 but this shopper got the shock of her life after being charged R495 for pies at their local Pick n Pay.  Although the shopper didn’t reveal how many pies she bought, Facebook users have a few answers…

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Kajal Raman took to Facebook on Wednesday, 6 October to share that after visiting Pick n Pay in North Beach, Durban, she realised she was charged R495 for steak and kidney pies. She realised something wasn’t right when the slip that should’ve been under R200 was R591.

Funny enough, Raman even got R77 off the R495 steak and kidney pies! She was lucky enough to have received her money back from the Pick n Pay and warned her Facebook friends to double-check their slips.

“As for the person that was on that till there was no way around. So people, please watch your till slips on the price of the stuff that you buy,” wrote Raman in her post. 


Kajal Raman’s Facebook comments section was filled with humorous comments. One user wrote: “That’s a very expensive pie, especially with Pick n Pay motto, the price you see is the price you pay.”

Another user hilariously wrote: “We can’t even call it a Woolies pie,” while another said: “What if the pie makes you age backward and the price was actually a bargain?”

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While some Facebook users laughed off the error, other users questioned if she purchased 22 pies because the packaging of the steak and kidney pie says so. 

“Can you confirm if you bought a single pie or you bought 22. I see one very brilliant person has picked this up on the slip. It seems correct because they normally have offers if you buy 2 pies or multiples of 2 and therefore the R77 discount.”