Here are the world’s top drone

Getty Image/Kittikorn Nimitpara. The drone in sunset sky.

Here are the world’s top drone pictures of 2018 [photos]

From impressive shots of Hippos to Fishing Nets, last year’s top drone photos are breathtaking. Take a look at Dronestagram’s best of 2018:

Here are the world’s top drone

Getty Image/Kittikorn Nimitpara. The drone in sunset sky.

Dronestagram recently announced the winners of the 5th annual International Drone Photography Contest of 2018. 

For the fifth time in a row, Dronestagram received thousands of entries from everywhere in the world by talented professional photographers and amateur drone photo enthusiasts. Over the last couple of years, aerial photography has become somewhat of a trend and Dronestagram gives people the platform to showcase their work.

According to Dronestagram’s official website it is incredible for several reasons. The platform said in a statement in 2017: “First of all, drone photography has become a discipline in its own right with its codes and rules. Then, the pilots-photographers have become more and more experienced over the last few months and the level is rising dramatically. Finally, drone technology is constantly improving as prices fall, and especially so that the machines become more accessible due to their size and ease of use.”

This year, users had to post their best drone photos and to make things simple, only the best pictures were chosen without the hassle of entering into certain categories, or getting a certain amount of likes.

The ‘Dronestagram jury’ ultimately chose the top three best ones.

  1. First Prize Winner: HUNGRY HIPPOS by zekedrone – See Author’s profile

Story behind the picture: “Towards the end of the year I was planning on going to Utah USA until last minute my friend Ty Poland asked me if I wanted to go on assignment to Tanzania and capture wildlife. As exciting as it sounded I almost turned this opportunity down.

“Fast forward to finally saying yes to this trip we ended up in some isolated area in Tanzania where we came upon a small body of water. As we approached closer my eyes couldn’t believe the surprise that was in front of us. I knew in that instant moment I needed to get the most unique perspective of this once in a lifetime experience.”

2. Second Prize Winner: FISHING NET IN VIETNAM by Trung Pham – See Author’s profile

Trung Pham

The Story behind the picture:  “It was a such memorable moment when I was driving from Ho Chi Minh city to Tuy Hoa, a small city in central Vietnam, with distance of 500Km.

“I planned to take a photo of lobsters breeding village nearby. When I take off my drone, I saw a fishing boat with a huge fishing net. I did not miss the moment to capture it.”

3. Third Prize Winner: 2 PEOPLE, 2 DOGS & 4 SHADOWS by qliebin – See Author’s profile


The story behind the picture: “This This photo was captured at the morning on the Black Sea beach (Odessa, Ukraine). I live near this place and nearly each day walking near the sea with my drone. The day before I took this picture, I noticed that at certain at morning time the shadows from people fall exactly perpendicular to the water line.

“The next day I came specially at this time – I flew along the surf and searched for interesting plots. At this time, people walked with their dogs and I took a few photos, and then chose the best shot, where the silhouettes are best visible.”

Other Participants:

4. ‘Five Christmas Trees”

5 Christmas trees
BBy canopus

5. “Lovly autumn forest”

Lovly autumn forest
By photographersWorld

6. “Heart shaped geyser”

Heart shaped geyser
By MilanPhoto

7. “From the depths”

From the depths
By thedronebooth

8. “It’s winter”

Its winter
By photographersWorld

9. “Shadow Cattle”

Shadow cattle
By photographersWorld

10. “Positano,amalfi coast”

Positano,amalfi coast
By Quentin P