Don’t rent an apartment just y

Don’t rent an apartment just yet: You can now sign a lease that let’s you live around the world

A new company called Roam is offering you the chance to lease co-living spaces all over the world.

Don’t rent an apartment just y

If you have enough money for airfare, you might want to wait before you rent an apartment.

A network called Roam is a new network of co-living spaces and they are offering the best deal yet. Roam offers a lease that gives you the chance to move continuously. If you want to stay in Madrid for a few weeks and then move to Miami – this will be ideally suited for you.

According to the startup company plans to have 8-10 locations around the world by 2017.

You should know these places are not designed for vacations though, but features as a home for  “‘location-independent’ people who can work remotely”.

Founder of this brilliant concept, Bruno Haid wanted to make things easier when he was travelling back and forth because of work. He told that he was involved in a couple of “early co-living communities in San Francisco, and saw the cultural value of something like that”.

Haid wanted to alleviate the loneliness that comes from moving constantly and therefor decided to combine nomadism and co-living. The main point is to meet as many people possible with shared communal spaces available, though residents still have the luxury of their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

He said: “If you go from location to location, it always takes a couple of weeks to feel at home. That’s something that we want to make sure is done in a very short time frame. You can literally show up in Bali and you live with people who have been there for a long time, means you have everything you need to navigate the local community, to know what’s where, what can I connect to.”

He said the co-living spaces will be exactly like a community and is meant for all ages. It is also better than living in a cramped up apartment.

The first locations have been chosen for their year-round good weather and access to economic centers (such as Bali because it is a good place to work with clients in Australia, Singapore or Hong Kong). The company wants to expand to mayor cities eventually and recently raised $3,4 million to expand to Buenos Aires and London.

Would you like to live this way? Or is it a little bit to extreme to live like this?

Images courtesy of Roam