Spend a night cuddling with sh

Photo: Pixabay

Spend a night cuddling with shelter dogs and cats at the Tears Sleepathon

Here’s what you need to know about the 2020 Tears Sleepathon where you can cuddle with shelter dogs and cats.

Spend a night cuddling with sh

Photo: Pixabay

Tears Animal Rescue, a non-profit animal welfare organisation serving the Western Cape’s South Peninsula for the last twenty-one years, is calling on animal lovers of all ages to wear their hearts on their sleeping bags and spend a night cuddling with shelter dogs and cats.

Cuddling with shelter dogs and cats

Yes, the organisation is excited to announce that its’ annual flagship fundraising event, the Tears Sleepathon, will be taking place on Saturday 14, 21 and 28 November 2020. For the sake of adhering to social distancing and COVID-19 health and safety regulations, ticket sales will be limited to 65 per event. Hosted at the Tears Animal Rescue Shelters in Sunnydale, the Sleepover invites all animal lovers to take part.

A perfect Saturday

“If your idea of a perfect Saturday night is to curl up with a blanket and a furbaby (or two, or three) then this event is for you!” the organisation writes on their official website. “Whip out your sleeping bag and camping gear and spend a night at our shelter bunking in an enclosure with rescued dogs and cats. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. Find out why shelter pets cuddle better, help fundraise for their future and join us for a sleepover you’ll never forget!”

Get your ticket

Tickets can be bought online from Quicket. Tickets cost R200 per person and you can sign up as an individual, corporate team or a group of friends and family. Decide whether you will be dozing with dogs or catnapping with cats and choose which night you will be staying at the shelter for your sleepover.

“Our mission leading up to the Tears sleepathon is to raise funds for animals in need. The donations you bring in will help us where we need it most.” These include:

  • Help provide shelter, rehabilitation and care for up to 200 companion animals at the Tears Shelter
  • Fund an outreach solution that sterilises and vaccinates companion animals in vulnerable communities
  • Help educate children and communities on how to look after their pets
  • And rescue animals in distress from all over Cape Town’s South Peninsula, giving them a second chance at a happier life.