Table Mountain

Image via Cape of Good Hope SPCA/ Facebook

Puppy rescued from ravine on Table Mountain

The Wilderness Search And Rescue had to battle for three hours to rescue six-month-old Dakota from a Table Mountain ravine.

Table Mountain

Image via Cape of Good Hope SPCA/ Facebook

Luke Dollimore went hiking with his dogs on Tuesday but during the hike, his beloved German Pointer slipped and fell almost 50 metres into the Slangolie Ravine on Table Mountain.

Two hikers, Garth and MJ, ascended the cliff face to search for Dakota, however they soon found themselves trapped on the ledge, too. They were unable to get down again due to the rough environment and the very steep drop below them.

The Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) was called and expertly lowered ropes down to the rescuers, which allowed Garth and MJ to abseil down from the ledge to safety.

To help save Dakota, they managed to place the puppy in one of their backpacks so that he could be saved.

A three-hour long rescue

After three hours and just after nightfall, Dakota was brought to safety.

His owner Luke expressed said that he is overwhelmed and so happy that his much loved Dakota was miraculously uninjured and returned safely back to him.

“We outspread a huge thank you to WSAR and a special shout out to the two civilian climbers who braved the climb to search for Dakota, too. We are encouraged that Dakota’s life meant so much to so many.”

SPCA chief inspector Jaco Pieterse, who had arrived shortly after the rescue scene, remained on the mountain for the duration of the rescue, only leaving once Dakota was back in his owner’s arms.