Do More Foundation to break wo

Photo: Rawpixel/Pixabay

Do More Foundation to break world record by making 100 000 sandwiches in one hour

The Do More Foundation is aiming to break the World Record and make 100 000 sandwiches in an hour this World Food Day.

Do More Foundation to break wo

Photo: Rawpixel/Pixabay

The Do More Foundation in South Africa is getting ready to break the world record by making 100 000 sandwiches in one hour this World Food Day.

World Food Day is commemorated on 16 October to highlight the phlight of 870 million undernourished people in the world as well as the need for reducing food loss and waste. The initiative run by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) strives to inspire governments, businesses, NGOs, the media and the general public to work together to achieve #ZEROHUNGER.

Now, the Do More Foundation will take on the challenge to tackle the issue of hunger by trying to break the current record held by the US with 57 000 sandwiches made in one hour. The Foundation is ultimately built on three fundamental pillars; #DoMore for Young Children, #DoMore to Ease Hunger and #DoMore to support youth. In addition, they also support projects for the care of animals. 

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Build a sandwich, break a record and help raise the issue of Food Insecurity

According to the foundation, one of the biggest challenges facing South Africa today is the constant plight of hunger and the shortage of food.

In fact, the United Nations reported that over two million South Africans survive on only one meal a day! And over 2,5 million children in SA are living below the food poverty line.

“You may ask yourself: ‘What can be meaningfully done to address this issue? How do we go about changing this reality? Where do we start?’ The Do More Foundation (founded by RCL FOODS), has to date provided over four million meals to people in need. But on 16 October, World Food Day, we’d like to make our biggest statement yet.”

They are aiming to set a new World Record to make one 100 000 Sandwiches in one hour. And they need your help.

“Whether you’re rolling up your sleeves and grabbing that butter knife, spreading the word on your pages, or helping to create awareness by joining the conversation online, we’d love you to get involved. You’ll be in good company too. We have over 40 organisations on board at more than 40 different sites (only 3 public events) across the country. This is one of South Africa’s biggest corporate collaborations, so you can’t afford to miss out.”

The foundation will make peanut butter sandwiches and donate them to young children.

Volunteers can register to participate at three public events:

  1. Mpumalanga public event taking place at Riverview Prep, Malelane
  2. Cape Province public event taking place at the Worcester City Hall, Worcester
  3. KZN Province public event taking place at RCL FOODS national office, Westville

You can visit the Do More Foundation’s website for more information.