clean foggy headlamps

7 easy steps to clean foggy headlamps. Picture: File.

7 easy steps to CLEAN foggy headlamps so they look like NEW

When they’re dirty, they AGE your car instantly. Here are 7 easy steps to clean foggy headlamps and keep them looking like new.

clean foggy headlamps

7 easy steps to clean foggy headlamps. Picture: File.

Like wrinkled hands on a person, it’s the ONE giveaway that truly tells the age of your car. We’ve enlisted the help of The Manual on how to clean foggy headlamps.

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To clean foggy headlamps, you’ve got to work smart. Take a few moments to gather all the correct materials you need before you set to work, scrubbing away furiously without a plan will only waste time and yield inferior results.


If done properly, the job should take no more than 20 minutes. You’re going to need the following to clean foggy headlamps:

  • Soft cloth
  • Paper towels
  • Car wash soap
  • Bucket of lukewarm water
  • Painter’s tape
  • Toothpaste without crystals
  • Window cleaner


clean foggy headlamps
Picture: The Sun.

Washing your headlamps regularly when you clean your car is necessary to keep the fogginess at bay. However, over time, it’s inevitable that even the most meticulously maintained headlamps will become foggy.

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Sorry. It’s part of the natural aging of your vehicle and the degradation of the plastic around your headlamp. Good news for you, it’s a relatively simple thing to remedy, as we shall now explain …


clean foggy headlamps
Seriously, toothpaste works to clean foggy headlamps. Picture: YouTube/Stan Cravens.

You’re going to laugh but toothpaste is by far the easiest and quickest way to clean foggy headlamps. It’s non-abrasive and also doesn’t take long. Here’s the step-by-step:

  • 1. Wash the headlamp and surrounds with car-wash soap and water.
  • 2. Cleaning any and all exterior grime that builds up on your headlamps as you drive will avoid scratching the lenses and plastic.
  • 3. Wait for it to dry completely. You don’t want moisture to make its way into the headlamp.
  • 4. Now you need to apply the painter’s tape. Make a perimeter of tape around each lamp but leave the housing exposed. To avoid damaging the car’s paint and your lenses, don’t use a strong adhesive tape.
  • 5. With the headlamps taped, apply toothpaste to a soft, clean cloth. Remember you must use non-granular toothpaste otherwise it will scratch the housing.
  • 6. Apply to the headlamp with a soft cloth (not a toothbrush) in circular motions, covering the entire headlight.
  • 7. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse the housing with water, dry it with a towel. And you’re done.


clean foggy headlamps
Rinse, wipe dry and marvel at your shiny headlamps. Picture: File.

Told you it was easy if you know what to do and work carefully. Don’t forget, toothpaste is slightly abrasive, so that’s why you must tape up your body work and surrounding areas. Using toothpaste on your foggy headlamps scrapes away the dirt and grim while filling in any scratches.

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Give toothpaste a try to clean foggy headlamps and be sure to share your results with our audience in the comments section below.