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Would you fly economy with the kids while your partner travels first class? Image: Pexels.

Divorce loading? Man travels first class while wife, kids fly economy

Grounds for a divorce, or is it fair? A US woman revealed that her husband lets her and the kids fly economy while he travels first class.

divorce, newsletter, first class, economy

Would you fly economy with the kids while your partner travels first class? Image: Pexels.

Would you let your significant other fly first class while you and the kids travel economy? Tweeps are having mixed reactions after a US woman wrote an open letter to ask for advice after a recent trip. Some are calling for a divorce.

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A woman has caused quite a stir on social media after revealing that her husband often travels in first class while she and the kids are left to fly in economy. The woman made the shocking revelation when she asked for advice in the New York Times newsletter, The Ethicist. Readers often write in to ask for advice from philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah.

According to the woman, her husband “always either pays for, or gets an upgrade into, the first-class cabin” but leaves her and the children in economy or economy plus, MailOnline reports.

divorce, newsletter
Tweeps are outraged after a man reportedly let his wife and kids travel economy while he flew first class. Image: Pexels/ Natã Romualdo

The woman explained that when the family flew to Paris overnight, her husband said their kids, 12 and 16, “might feel alone” in economy class if she traveled in first class with him. But she also admitted, although the kids would not mind flying alone, she felt that it would be “unfair” towards them.

In an effort to mediate the issue, her hubby suggested that they take different flights. Then she wouldn’t “feel badly about the disparity” or his “inheriting selfishness in thinking” as she describes his actions.

The woman concluded the letter by asking whether she is wrong in thinking that her husband’s behaviour is “very strange.”

Replying to her letter, Kwame said that “a modern marriage is meant to be a pairing of equals, in which each partner treats the other with respect, consideration, and dignity.”

He went on to explain that, in his opinion, both parties in a marriage should have a say in significant decisions while considering each other’s comfort and preferences. Kwame noted that her husband might feel that “because he’s the ticket-buyer in the family, his preferences get priority.”

He advised her to create “greater equity” in their travel arrangements. He suggested that the adults take turns to accompany the children.

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Tweeps were soon to call out the husband for being “selfish,” while others demanded an “immediate divorce.”

“Why can’t the husband sit w/kids in economy & the wife can have the first class seat? My guess is he would never, ever do that in a million years. This isn’t about the kids–it’s about dad/husband being a selfish butt. If he’d do that with plane tickets what else would he do?,” one Tweep wrote.

“This guy is selfish. I get letting his kids stay in economy, they’re old enough to be fine, but his wife?! That’s just wrong. If he can’t afford for his wife to be with him then he should sit with her,” a second Twitter user said.

Some Tweeps have actually seen similar incidents play out on a flight.

“I’ve legitimately seen this happen once: Husband sat in first class. Wife + 2 kids sat in economy. Transatlantic flight,” one Tweep wrote.

But not everyone agreed that the man was at fault.

“It’s a good idea sis. but I also expect the wife to cover the full expenses for trips/vacations too so she can get to sit in first class while the husband gladly sits with the kids in economy,” one Tweep wrote.

“So my husband has elite status as he travels alot with work and we, the 2 kids and me, don’t. I have no problem with him in 1st or business class and us in economy tbh. He worked hard for it. Sometimes he gets an extra upgrade then we take turns in joining him,” another commented.

“Who pays, he/she decides,” a third wrote.

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