Ellen Pakkies on Showmax

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Box office hit ‘Die storie van Ellen Pakkies’ is now streaming on Showmax

Ellen: Die Storie van Ellen Pakkies, South Africa’s entry for the foreign film category of the 2019 Golden Globes, is now streaming on Showmax. This is why you should add the local classic to your watchlist.

Ellen Pakkies on Showmax

Image supplied by Showmax

Showmax has added Ellen: Die Storie van Ellen Pakkies to their line-up, with the tragic story of a Cape Flats mother’s real-life ordeal available to stream right now.

Ellen Pakkies story shocked South Africa in 2007 as we learnt more about the woman who was ultimately driven to take her own son’s life.

The movie tells Ellen Pakkies story for the first time as we are given a harrowing view of the scourge of drugs in the Cape Flats and the impact it has on not just the those addicted to drugs but also their families and communities at large.

In 2007 Ellen Pakkies murdered her 20-year-old tik addicted son Abie Pakkies. Ellen Pakkies ultimately received a three year suspended sentence and 280 hours of community service as it became clear that the system had failed the Pakkies family.

Ellen Pakkies consulted on the film herself and parts of the heart-breaking movie are filmed in her home in Lavender Hill. Ellen: Die Storie van Ellen Pakkies was an unexpected box-office success.

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In a country where Leon Schuster movies still regularly dominate the box-office, it was wholly unexpected that the harrowing story from the Cape Flats managed to make over R6 million, making it the third highest-grossing South African feature film of 2018.

Ellen: Die Storie van Ellen Pakkies which was the South African entry for the foreign film category of the 2019 Golden Globes is perhaps a sign of the hunger for more stories about the lived reality of many South Africans.

The story is all the more relevant with the government taking the decision recently to deploy the army in Cape Flats with the Western Cape Community MEC, Fritz Albert, labelling the area a war zone.

Stories like that of Ellen Pakkies should serve as a sobering reminder of those ordinary people stuck in the middle of the battle on the Cape Flats and the many social problems that won’t be addressed with shows of military force.

Ellen Pakkies’ story is a sobering reminder of the wars that families are facing to maintain their sanity in communities seemingly forgotten by the powers that be.

Ellen Pakkies on Showmax
Image supplied by Showmax

The movie was lauded for its skilful and nuanced portrayal of the title character by Jill Levenberg. This led Margaret Gardiner of the Goldenglobes.com to say:

“Much of the power of the film is provided by the subtle interpretation of the titular character by Jill Levenberg. The emotions of love, desperation, hurt and unceasing hope… are palpable.”

Daryn Joshua won Best Director at this year’s South African Film and Television awards with the movie also getting the nod for Best Score by Quinn Lubbe.

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Joshua himself from the Cape Flats is making a name for himself as one of South Africa’s most talented storytellers.

Daryn’s impressive CV includes directing the South African 2018 Oscar Entry Noem my Skollie as well as writing and producing Nosipho Dumisa’s Cape Flats thriller Nommer 37.

Ellen: Die Storie van Ellen Pakkies is streaming now on Showmax.

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