Die Antwoord are causing outra

Die Antwoord are causing outrage again – for an album cover from 2016

Never far from controversy…

Die Antwoord are causing outra

Die Antwoord are no strangers to controversy or being offensive.

From throwing the N-Word around to black face in their videos and being accused of culturally appropriating the coloured identity, the group have copped a fair bit of flak.

They hit the headlines again this week for their album cover from 2016. Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid was released last year,  but this week South African poet and musician, Ntsiki Mazwai, picked up on the cover when it resurfaced on social media.

Speaking to TimesLive, Ntsiki slams the group for  trivialising Xhosa culture, saying that the duo should be taken to Human Right’s Commission for being “disrespectful” to Xhosa culture.

The problematic cover? This one.


Ntsiki said that the group should be taken to the Human Rights Commission.

“That is not his (Ninja’s) culture. He is not Xhosa and he has no right to parade around pretending that he is. He cannot do as he pleases with our culture. This is very serious and we should take them to the Human Rights Commission for exploiting our culture,” Ntsiki said.

“He (Ninja) is not Xhosa man. He has not been to the mountain. He does not know what the blanket or the mud means. He is being disrespectful and is not representing South Africa or its cultures to the world like he probably thinks he does,” Ntsiki added.

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