Despite reporting stress and h

Despite reporting stress and having to overwork, research shows freelancers are extremely happy

(Partner Content) Those who are self-employed are oftentimes freelancers, switching between different clients, juggling different projects, all while reporting to feel happy with their jobs.

Despite reporting stress and h

According to a study from OfficeNeedle, freelancers are satisfied with their jobs and with freelancing overall, despite facing many challenges.

For starters, the study polled 2690 freelancers out of which 55% were female. Moreover, one in two belong to the Millennial generation. Also, 16% of them said they were freelancing on the side of their day job, while the large majority were freelancers full-time.

The majority have health issues, but no health insurance

Tricky as it is, most of the freelancers (52%) reported they do not have health insurance. However, many of them complained about having different health problems as a result of their working habits. 

For example, only around 15% of them said they do not feel like freelancing is stressful for them. On the other hand, 49% stated that freelancing is moderately stressful. Furthermore, the majority of them see the negative effect of overworking on their physical and mental health. 

When it comes to mental health, 59% feel overworking is affecting their mental health. Moreover, around three in 10 see an extreme effect of overworking as freelancers on their mental health. 

In comparison, 39% of freelancers do not see the negative effect of overworking on their physical health. However, 13% are reporting that overworking affects their physical health extremely. In line with this, over four in 10 admit they do not engage in any physical activity, such as exercising, going to the gym, running, etc. 

Sleep is important to most freelancers, the study found

Over one-half of the surveyed freelancers disclosed they sleep seven to eight hours per day. On the other hand, only 6% get under five hours of sleep daily. Moreover, 13% of them sleep even longer than eight hours a day. 

The survey asked freelancers if they think work is taking over their life. One in two admitted that they think work is taking over their life. Also, 65% of them say they are overworking. However, over three in four stated they have enough free time. 

Productivity and working days of freelancers

Things are very much fifty-fifty when it comes to the relationship between productivity and overworking. One-half believes their productivity was reduced due to overworking, while the other half denies this allegation. 

Finally, a quarter of freelancers said they always work on weekends, with only 18% of them never doing so. Around one in three work under five hours a day, and another 30% work five to eight hours a day. Finally, 22% work eight to 10 hours a day, and 18% work over 10 hours per day.