Data rollover: Vodacom will ch

Image credit: Know your mobile

Data rollover: Vodacom will charge customers extra for this option

More pennies to enjoy your data for longer.

Data rollover: Vodacom will ch

Image credit: Know your mobile

It was all good until Vodacom announced that customers would have to fork out more cash if they want to have their data bundles rolled over for extended periods.

As reported by My Broadband, the mobile network service updated its website with the price listing of what it will cost for data rollovers.

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When do Icasa’s new ‘user-friendly’ regulations take effect?

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa)’s new end-user and subscriber service charter will come into effect at the end of February.

These new regulations, according to Icasa, are developed for the interest of the customer.

They are formed to create a more user-friendly mobile network functionality, allowing for relaxed limitations when it comes to data usage, especially in the case of out-of-bundle billing.

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Every mobile network provider has committed to having its systems altered and ready for the major shift.

However, the question that has always lingered was how mobile network providers were going to deal with data rollovers — particularly with regards to promotional and limited-time products.

How Vodacom plans to roll out its data rollover offering

Well, Vodacom has revealed their plan of action with regards to data rollovers and it looks like customers will have to chip in more bucks to enjoy this ‘relaxed’, user-friendly functionality.

Who does the data rollover apply to?

According to the mobile network provider, the rollover terms and conditions apply to:

  • prepaid, hybrid and contract customers (for prepaid and hybrid:charged to customer’s recharge airtime account);
  • once-off data, night owl and internet data (URL-based);
  • hourly bundles; and
  • all-day bundles.

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What are Vodacom’s data rollover prices?

The hourly bundles are expected to cost an extra R10 to rollover, while for all-day packages, it should cost around R25 for a usage extension.

Although the mobile network provider did note that these prices are currently being reviewed and there should be updates to its listing by Friday, 1 March, this is more or less how much customers are expected to pay for rollovers of data with a validity of more than one day:

  • R5 — for less than 100MB
  • R12 — between 100MB and 250MB
  • R19 — between 250MB and 500MB
  • R29 — between 500MB and 1GB
  • R49 — for anything over 1GB

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Vodacom’s data rollover terms and conditions

The timeframe of the rollover is largely dependent on the validity of the purchased bundle.

If, for instance, you have purchased a one-day — or 24-hour — bundle, you will be immediately applicable for a rollover.

However, if you have a weekly bundle then, dependent on whether the bundle is still active, you will be eligible for a rollover three days before the expiration date.

These are the conditions Vodacom set forth with regards to the validity period of data that is rolled over:

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  • Hourly bundles — rollover for an additional hour;
  • all-day bundles — rollover for another day;
  • weekend bundles — rollover for an additional weekend; and
  • bundles greater than 24 hours — rollover for another seven days.