Another new cycle route has opened up. Image via Adobe Stock

Saddle up: Cycle route launched between Knysna and Calitzdorp

A new cycle route between Knysna and Calitzdorp has recently been unveiled.


Another new cycle route has opened up. Image via Adobe Stock

Like other countries, South Africa is increasingly offering a range of different tourist experiences. Exploring a region by bike may sound like a workout, but cycle holidays are popular in several countries throughout the world.

France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and several other countries are well known for cycling holidays, where visitors explore outlying areas and lesser-known tourist destinations on multi-day cycling trips. Riding from town to town, through beautiful open spaces appeals to many people.

Adventure tourists often recount inspiring and entertaining stories about cycling trips they have taken, where they cycled through beautiful landscapes and were able to get a great sense of the places visited, by interacting with local communities en route.

South Africa’s terrain and diverse landscapes lend themselves to being explored on a bike. Cycling is also a favourite pastime for a number of South Africans.


The Karoo Crossing is the latest in a number of cycle routes in the Western Cape. This brings the total number of routes in the Cape Cycle Routes network to five.

The Karoo Crossing Cycle Route starts from Knysna and continues inland, to the Karoo town of Calitzdorp. The route can be started in either of the two towns and can be ridden in either direction. It stretches over a distance of 358 kilometres.  


The Cape Cycle Routes have been thoughtfully designed so that they attract visitors to venture off the beaten track, and explore smaller towns and lesser-known tourist attractions which are scattered throughout the Western Cape.

The route was opened on 23 September, by Western Cape Premier Alan Winde and Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities, David Maynier.

“It is wonderful to be here today at the opening of the Karoo Crossing which is the fifth leg of the Cape Cycle Routes tour in the Western Cape. And our aim here is not only to attract more adventure tourists but also to showcase the great attractions and experiences in small towns and rural communities across the Western Cape,” David Maynier said at the launch.


At the launch of this new cycle route, Western Cape Premier Alan Winde encouraged South Africans to come out and enjoy the province’s nature and hospitality along the route, while supporting the tourism and hospitality sector.

“With the summer season approaching, we encourage people to get out and explore the province by venturing off the beaten track and to stop along the way and enjoy some of the best of small-town hospitality. This will help support the tourism and hospitality sector which is a significant job creator, especially in our non-rural areas, and help us to save jobs in the province,” Alan Winde said.