Thugs are now targeting people in shops. Images via Twitter: @yusufabramjee

Criminals are posing as shop assistants to catch you off guard [watch]

Shoppers beware: Thugs are now pretending to be shop assistants so that hey can rob unsuspecting victims of their valuables.


Thugs are now targeting people in shops. Images via Twitter: @yusufabramjee

Brazen South African thieves have found a new way to rob unsuspecting victims. In a video shared online, a man can be seen talking to a customer in a shop while pretending to be a shop assistant, according to reports, the same man manages to rob the woman of her valuables.

After seeing the clip, many South Africans have been left outraged at the high level of crime in the country that is seemingly always on the rise.

Criminals are pretending to be shop assistants to rob shoppers!

It appears there are no limits to which a criminal won’t go to pull off a successful crime. The latest tactic being used by brazen thugs is pretending to be shop assistants while targetting unsuspecting shoppers.

Anti-crime activist Yusuf Abramjee headed to Twitter earlier today to warn South Africans while sharing some of the footage that shows how a woman shopper was targeted by a man pretending to assist her.

According to Abramjee, the same man later robbed the woman of her belongings.

“#DailySafetyTip •Be careful of criminals posing as salespeople in stores •They offer discounts and then rob victims of valuables •Be alert (Video: This woman was robbed),” the video was captioned.

Mzansi shares their thoughts

The clip has outraged many locals who wonder what will be done to stop these criminals from taking advantage of innocent people. Many of them shared stories of how they too were robbed and pickpocketed inside shops.

Here are some of their comments:

@MJM001 said:

“Why the hell does the STORE not see this on camera immediately. They know who their staff is, they wear company logos on the tops. The is poor store policy and disaster management practices. How does one feel safe in a store that has NO CLUE who their staff is? ????”

@sexidict said:

“haai I know this one, they even took my phone????‍♂️????”

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