Sue Phillips Fragrance

Sue Phillips Scenterprises. Image via Instagram @scenterprises

SA scentrepreneur’s fragrant fix for COVID-19 loss of smell

South African fragrance expert Sue Phillips has found a way to help COVID-19 patients regain their sense of smell.

Sue Phillips Fragrance

Sue Phillips Scenterprises. Image via Instagram @scenterprises

One of the most prominent symptoms and after-effects of the COVID-19 virus is loss of smell. According to a study done by researchers at the Journal of Internal Medicine in January 2021, 86% of patients lose some, or all, of their ability to smell.

The effects of the virus on this sensory organ, however, is not uniform. For some patients who have struggled with COVID-19 for a long period of time, it can take months for their sense of smell to return – if ever. Others who have overcome the virus, regain their ability to smell in a matter of weeks.

COVID-19 loss of smell: Sue Phillips to the rescue

For those patients who battle with their sense of smell after recovering from COVID-19, it is a disheartening experience. Luckily Scenterprises Inc founder, Sue Phillips, has found an amazing way to help these patients smell all the wonderful things in life again.

Phillips is a renowned fragrance expert and self-proclaimed “scentrepreneur” born and raised in South Africa. Phillips has now been in the fragrance industry for over 40 years. She is outspoken about the amazing qualities of fragrances and is the author of a book, titled The Power of Perfume.

Breakthrough discovery

In an interview with Cape Talk, Phillips outlined her breakthrough discovery – the role perfume can play in helping patients regain their sense of smell.

According to Phillips, she met with a woman who had lost her sense of smell for over a year due to COVID-19. Phillips goes on to outline the complex blends which make up a perfume – the top, middle and base notes. She explained that the woman could not identify the lighter, or top notes of the perfume. However, the woman was able to pick up on the stronger notes.

“Suddenly we had a breakthrough and she was quite emotional. She finally said, and she was crying, ‘Oh my goodness, I can finally smell something beautiful’,” Phillips told Cape Talk.

Zoom sessions and scent kits

Phillips noted that as they continue with the process, more and more fragrances can be identified by patients.

She is now offering Zoom sessions to inform people about this process and she is producing “scent kits” to send to patients battling with their sense of smell.