Coffee might make you buy more things when you go shopping. Image via Unsplash.png

Image via Unsplash.png

Coffee before shopping may leave you spending more than you planned!

People who drink coffee before going shopping may end up with a lot more things than they were planning to buy, research finds.

Coffee might make you buy more things when you go shopping. Image via Unsplash.png

Image via Unsplash.png

If there’s one thing not many of us can afford it I do these days, it’s spend our money buying things that we really don’t need. This is why it’s best not to have a cup of coffee before you hit the shops – because according to research, it might make you spend more. The recently completed research suggests that the effect of caffeine is stronger for “high hedonic” products and therefore results in shoppers who have consumed caffeine – or coffee – buying these hedonic products.

Research suggest people shop more if they drink coffee beforehand

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee in the morning before going about to their day?

It turns out it may not be the best decision to go shopping if you’ve had a cup of coffee because you may come home with a lot more things than you planned for.

Researchers from a various institutions, including the University of South Florida and Louisiana State University, have collaborated on a study, which found that “drinking a caffeinated beverage before shopping leads to more items purchased at the store and increased spending.”

According to the results of the study which saw the team set up an espresso station near the entrance of two different retail stores in two major cities in France and outside a department store in Spain – of the people who took a free coffee before shopping were more likely to buy “high hedonic” products such as as scented candles, fragrances and décor items.

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Drink water – save money?

Those who opted for water however bought significantly less things when they went inside the stores.

“We found that the caffeine group spent significantly more money and bought a higher number of items than those who drank decaf or water,” report authors of the study.

“Overall, retailers can benefit financially if shoppers consume caffeine before or during shopping, and those effects are stronger for high hedonic products.”

The researchers concluded: “This is important for retailers to factor in to determine the proportion of hedonic products in their store.”