Club Carnivore in London is th

Club Carnivore in London is the place to be for meat lovers

What do South Africans do when the sun is beating down? We braai, which is the civilised word for BBQ.

Club Carnivore in London is th

Open a beer when you light the fire and your world changes completely; total bliss, not a care in the world! And when the weather turns, what do we do? We still braai, but indoors and at Vivat Bacchus that is what they do.

Thus Club Carnivore evolved. The rules are pretty simple:

  • Red meat only
  • Red Wine only
  • Big bottles only

South African co-owner Gerrie Knoetze says, “Come celebrate these feasts with us; good meat, great wine and an atmosphere of celebration of these wonderful ingredients, with like-minded people.”

Featuring crazy-sized cuts of meat, obscenely-sized bottles of the red stuff and loads of laughter and banter, it’s certainly something to experience. And now Brian Turner, one of the UK’s most celebrated chefs has joined Vivat Bacchus as consultant chef and is adding his take to the fare.

Viva Club Carnivore, Viva(t) Bacchus!

P.S. You can have your very own or corporate Club Carnivore party too. And for Christmas, we offer a Club Carnivore Christmas menu.

Future events: Tuesday 18th September London Bridge and Tuesday 16th October Farringdon