'Miss Albany'

Clover provides Lethukukhanya Mjaji aka ‘Miss Albany’ a year supply of milk. Image Supplied by Lungisani Mjaji and Twitter

Latest: Clover provides milk for a year to ‘Miss Albany’

Clover will provide ‘Miss Albany’ girl and her creche with milk for one year after Bokomo offered a year supply of Corn Flakes.

'Miss Albany'

Clover provides Lethukukhanya Mjaji aka ‘Miss Albany’ a year supply of milk. Image Supplied by Lungisani Mjaji and Twitter

Clover revealed on social media that they will be providing milk for a year to Lethukukhanya Mjaji aka ‘Miss Albany’ and her creche.

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This is after South Africans encouraged the popular brand Clover to jump onboard as the three-year-old aka ‘Miss Albany’ can’t have Bokomo Corn Flakes without milk.

“What’s a year supply of bread and cereal without some milk?” tweeted @CloverWayBetter

The brand added: “South Africa, we heard you and we’ll be donating over 3 000 litres of Clover long-life milk to little “Miss Albany” Lethukukhanya and her crèche! Together we can.”

The brand also revealed that they have contacted commercial photographer Lungisani Mjaji on Instagram, who shot the viral Albany and Bokomo images of his niece.

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@ErmelindaJoube3: “Oh this is absolutely heart warming! Beautiful!

@hope_moteane: “Ncooooooooh, best news I heard since I woke up. Feel like someone is chopping onions.”

Caroline Makgosa: “Ncooo guys this is heartwarming ♥keep up the great work and we shall keep being loyal.”

Linda Joubert: “It is indeed heartwarming to see the love shared by you Clover. Way Better. Allowing your Clover love and joy to touch so many precious lives, we your consumers acknowledge this and applaud you. This is truly the brand Made with Love ❤️. Beautiful! #CloverWayBetter.”

Thafeni Ncamane: “Thank You Clover. Way Better. For Bringing More Smiles To Miss. Albany Lethukukhanya Family And To Her Crèche Keep It Up.”

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Albany branch managers and Lethukukhanya. Image Supplied by Lungisani Mjaji