Clover strike

Photo: Twitter/@CloverWayBetter

Clover introduces blue milk bottles ‘to make fresh milk relevant again’

Clover recently introduced their new strong blue colour coding milk bottles as a way to refine and re-find their brand.

Clover strike

Photo: Twitter/@CloverWayBetter

Wondering why Clover milk now comes in blue bottles? It turns out Clover launched a new campaign to get people talking about fresh milk again.

‘Differentiate ourselves on shelf’

According to a press release, Clover decided to introduce its usually white bottles of milk in a light blue colour in order to “differentiate ourselves, to stand out, to disrupt the fresh milk category and to make fresh milk relevant again”.

“To dive in a little deeper; Clover Fresh Milk is already known to differentiate ourselves within the category through our superior quality testing, long-lasting freshness and trusted heritage; it, therefore, seems fitting to further differentiate ourselves on the shelf.”

Clover milk ultimately wanted to refine and re-find their brand to stand out better within “cluttered retail settings”. They also went on to implement a new Clover corporate identity. In addition to the blue bottles, in recent weeks, for the first time in many years, Clover released a refreshed corporate identity which is filtering into trade, starting with Clover fresh milk.

“Here, you can expect a modernised logo to keep up with consumer desire for more current and relatable brands. Clover is a trusted brand with a lot of heritage, and we as a business need to constantly adapt to remain relevant.”

What’s more, it’s said that Clover will introduce people to more exciting activities that they will be implementing within their fresh milk portfolio in upcoming months.

But first, the internet had some things to say.

The internet reacts

“Great creative… nicely done Clover team. Love love the blue bottle,” said one Twitter user. “No guys it’s just a carton. Why fit in when you’re born to stand out. It’s clear that spoofs and smurfs stand out,” said another.

“Weird, but a good ad to get people talking by confusing them! Clover are rebranding and fresh milk is first on the list for an extreme makeover.”