World Recycling Day

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Clean-up and Recycle SA Week 2019: What you need to know

It is time to register your clean-ups for this year’s Clean-up and Recycle SA Week taking place from 16 to 21 September 2019 all over SA.

World Recycling Day

Photo: Pixabay

Clean-up and Recycle SA Week is an annual initiative by the local plastics industry, supported and endorsed by the various packaging and retail streams and retailers and will take place this year from 16 to 21 September 2019.

Various clean-ups take place over the country during Clean-up and Recycle SA Week in either neighborhoods, around water sources or beaches. It is best to keep an eye out for events loaded on Facebook to find a clean-up during this time near you!

Clean-up and Recycle SA Week 2019: What it’s about

According to the Department of Environmental Affairs, close to 120 000 volunteers participate in these clean-up activities that take place along roadsides, rivers, schools, residential and illegal dumping areas each year.

“Approximately 75% of ocean litter is derived from land-based waste,” the department said in a press release last year. “Without effective waste collection, an avalanche of debris will enter the ocean. To prevent this, we encourage South Africans of all ages, races, and backgrounds to participate in this year’s Clean-up and Recycle Week SA activities.

“At its core, ocean trash is a people problem – perpetuated by the often unwitting practices that industry and people have adopted over time. It affects human health and safety, endangers marine wildlife and costs states and nations countless millions in wasted resources and lost revenue.”

Important dates:

This year World Clean-up Day falls on 15 September 2019, while Recycling Day SA takes place on 16 September, and International Coastal Clean-up Day (ICC) on 21 September.

Participation in the International Coastal Clean-up Day is said to be one of the highlights of Clean-up and Recycle SA week, as it is the world’s biggest annual volunteer effort for ocean health that sees thousands of people flock to beaches to pick up and remove litter found in the marine environment.

How can I register?

Plastics SA is also busy preparing for the 2019 Clean-up and Recycle Week and is encouraging people to register their clean-ups (click over here to register) and to pass on the message to ensure that awareness is increased on non-littering and proper waste management.