Cipla pharmaceuticals’ propose

(Photo by Jean-Marc Giboux/Getty Images)

Cipla pharmaceuticals’ proposed Durban plant will produce cheaper cancer drugs for global market

Cipla plans to produce cheaper cancer drugs that’ll be available to around 50% of cancer patients worldwide.

Cipla pharmaceuticals’ propose

(Photo by Jean-Marc Giboux/Getty Images)

Mother of pharmaceutics, Cipla is set to invest R1,3 billion in the development of a manufacturing plant that will be located in Durban.

The news comes shortly after a report  by the Institute of Race Relations which revealed an increase in deaths caused by the disease.

The report found that the death rate for women has increased from 51,6/100 000 in 1994 to 68,8/100 000 in 2013, while the increase among men is from 65,4/100 000 to 71,2/100 000 in the same period.

Talk about good timing!

BDLive reported that this facility will produce cheaper cancer medication that can be accessible to both the private and public healthcare sectors.

Cipla’s BioTec CEO Steve Lehrer said, “Our goal in establishing this facility in SA is to ensure these products are affordable to the Department of Health.”

He added that the prices will be pushed down to a point where 50% of eligible cancer patients could access the drugs worldwide as only about 8% of eligible patients could afford them at present.

Black women have higher incidences of cervical, breast, oesophagal, uterine and lung cancer, while oesophageal, prostate, lung cancer and cancer of the larynx are the most prevalent types of cancer among black men.

This is according to Cancer Association of SA (Cansa).

The association also found that black people living in rural areas tend to have a higher incidence of oesophageal cancer due to their traditional diet which doesn’t really contain much fibre.

Adding that “Home-brewed beer that has been contaminated with fungi is also a driver of cancer prevalence among rural blacks.”

Um, so does that mean my people have to lay off uMqomboti?

This is a disaster, all those traditional ceremonies without uMqomboti. My uncles won’t be thrilled about this.

The facility is expected to begin production in 2018.