Proudly South African: Christo

Proudly South African: Christopher Ndaba cycled 72 km for a Cape Town boy with cancer he’d never met

There’s it. Right in the feels.

Proudly South African: Christo

Guys, this is what South Africans are all about. Despite the barrage of negative news we’re constantly bombarded with, let’s take a moment to appreciate the good guys doing amazing things like this.

Adele Grosse shared this remarkable experience on her Facebook page over the weekend and boy, is it suddenly dusty in here.

My phone just rang with a number that is not on my contact list. I answer: “Adele hello.”
I hear: ” Hello Adele, it is Christopher Ndaba speaking. I am phoning you from Gauteng to tell you that I cycled 72km today for Luca.”
I had to sit down. Tears just started flowing.
I say: “Christopher, how do you know about Luca and his cancer and why do you have such a big heart for this?
He says: “I follow you on FaceBook. I am an activist for young people. Today I cycled for Luca and all the other young people who have cancer to give them HOPE.”
This is the South Africa I believe in and that makes me believe in humanity. Thank YOU Christopher!!! I will soon be heading up to Gauteng for business and I am looking forward to meeting you in person. It is people like you that makes the world a better place. GRATITUDE
Bring HOPE and register with The Sunflower Fund to become a blood stem cell donor. We need South Africans to help South African. YOU might be my Luca’s match and lifesaver.

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Chris is obviously an absolute LEGEND and we hope you are inspired by him. If you are – and you want to do something nice for a stranger, why not register with The Sunflower Fund to become a blood stem-cell donor.

It’s really not as scary as it sounds.