Tips for going on work holiday. Image: Supplied.

Four things professionals should do before going on holiday

If you want to end the year on a productive note, here are four tips to consider before you take your holiday leave…


Tips for going on work holiday. Image: Supplied.

With year-end fatigue and the onset of the festive season, workers around the world will be downing tools to go on a well-deserved holiday.

But before you mentally switch off and clock out, there are a few things that you may need to consider wrapping up.

Penquin Marketing Agency’s Neill Robertson shares some tips professionals should take into consideration before switching off for the holiday season.

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Keep everyone informed

First and foremost, inform your key contacts of your planned holiday. Also, inform your clients. They need to plan projects around your absence..

Secondly, inform your staff of the closing period to allow for leave planning. Should your business operate on a skeleton staff schedule, be sure to include this in your notice to clients. Finally, ensure you are informed of when your suppliers will be closing down and factor these dates into your planning. Also, check that no deliveries are scheduled from them during your closing period.

Wrapping up

Review which tasks need to be prioritised before you lock up – and which would be carried over to next year.

If skeleton staff applies to your business, make sure detailed handovers are done timeously should any tasks need to be managed by them.

Set your tasks out for your return after the holidays, which will lead to time spent more effectively.

Plan your office space

Take the time to do the necessary checks to ensure your office is holiday ready. These include doing a server data backup, ensuring that any office plants are tended to during the holidays and giving your kitchen a spring clean, clearing it of anything that might greet you with a smell after the holidays.

Check that all your security and safety systems are in good working order and that your security provider is also aware of your closing period.

Switch off any non-essential appliances such as computers, monitors, TV’s, printers, air conditioners, printers etc.

Prep for the year ahead

As work starts winding down and the festive spirit starts settling in, reflect on the year past and possibly gain a new perspective on how you can improve going forward. Use this time to set new goals for the new year. Make sure that your staff are included in the process.

Once you have your new direction, use the last few days to set yourself up to achieve those goals by mapping out the steps to achieving your goals. 

To set it in motion and get the right mindset, see if there are any steps that you can start working on already.