South Africans urged to ring a

Photo: Pixabay

South Africans urged to ring a bell for Santa this Christmas Eve

South Africans are urged to ring a bell for two minutes to spread some joy on 18:00 this Christmas Eve, 24 December.

South Africans urged to ring a

Photo: Pixabay

South Africans are urged to spread the festive cheer this Christmas by standing on their doorsteps to ring a bell on Christmas Eve to ‘help Santa fly his sleigh.’

Christmas Eve Jingle 2020

This comes after a public event was advertised on Facebook as the ‘Christmas Eve Jingle 2020’. It wasn’t long after when the idea went global.

“On Christmas Eve at 18:00 (in your country) we are asking everyone to come outside and ring a bell for two mins to spread Christmas spirit and to help Santa fly that sleigh. With the added option of set Carols to sing after! It will create a wave of bells across the world.”

The group also said that after a tough year, the event would be an amazing memory for the kids and communities.

“End 2020 with a bit of Magic, hope and togetherness!”

The public event already has thousands of people from all over the world who are interested in participating.

‘Christmas restraints’ for SA?

The Christmas Eve Jingle 2020 comes after Health Minister Zweli Mkhize was left with the unenviable task of telling South Africans that we’ve slipped into a second wave of coronavirus. The spike in infections was driven by huge transmission rates amongst young people, with super-spreader events and post-matric parties shouldering most of the blame.

Looking ahead to the remainder of the festive season, Mkhize has urged South Africans to ‘show restraint’ over Christmas. Usually a time for big family gatherings and crowded events, the minister has implored citizens to enjoy themselves in a responsible manner – and the national lockdown laws may be subject to a slight amendment

The minister also revealed the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) may be called upon to establish firm restrictions on large parties and mass gatherings throughout December. Recommendations are already being tabled:

“Large parties with young people drinking alcohol and ignoring COVID-19 protocols has driven the second wave: If this trajectory continues, our healthcare systems will be overwhelmed. Hence, part of the recommendations being tabled by provinces are now looking at how to contain these large gatherings and parties. A decision will be made by the NCCC.”

“Yes, the festive season is time for us to relax and enjoy with our families, but we now need to understand that we have a responsibility to enjoy it with various restraints. If our enjoyment is going to lead to more people getting sick, getting admitted, and even losing lives, it is not a responsible way of enjoying ourselves. We must have a festive season with a difference.”