Fur babies

5 Ways to enjoy/ celebrate the holidays with your Fur Family! Image: AdobeStock

5 Ways to enjoy/ celebrate the holidays with your Fur Family!

Fur Babies need a Woooosah, a destress and want nothing more than to spend EVERY MOMENT with you! Well maybe the cats not so much! #sorrynotsorry

Fur babies

5 Ways to enjoy/ celebrate the holidays with your Fur Family! Image: AdobeStock

The festive season has landed! This is not a drill people! We are deserving of an incredible festive season after all we have endured and survived this year. We can easily forget our fur babies carrying so much of our heartache, hurt and pain that they too are deserving of an incredible holiday season.

We have 5 Ways to enjoy and celebrate the holidays with your Fur babies!


There will be days where you and your family wake up with no desire to complete your daily 4 km run including full playtime sessions with the fur family. Bubbles are a cheap easy and fun way for human kids and fur kids to spend their time burning energy! Purchase bubbles from your local store but makes sure they are the non-toxic kind. 

Hide and seek is a huge family favourite as well. Have each family member hold your Fido while the rest of the family hide. Try to contain your excitement while shouting your name for your Fur baby to find you first.

Hidden Treasure! Hide treats for the human and fur kids around the home! Make sure you don’t confuse the pet biltong and the human biltong! Rather keep the human treats higher out of reach from Fur Baby and individually sealed!


There are plenty of dog parks and dog friendly beaches to take Fur Baby to have a swim and a proper dig. Make a day of it by taking the entire family along with treats for the whole family to enjoy. If you have a boisterous fur baby that is not capable of sitting and just enjoying life, we do recommend stimulation before the picnic, whether it be a run, the dog park or throwing the ball to release energy so Fur baby can be more relaxed at the beach. Make sure you pack high reward treats, plenty of poop bags and lots of drinking water, for human kids! KIDDING!

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There are hundreds of thousands of new age recipes for doggy treats that you and the family can utilise this festive season. Whether it be simple liver treats, peanut butter and pumpkin treats, or 3 ingredients rolled oats, banana and peanut butter treats. There are so many options for both cats and dogs. It’s going to get hot this festive season! Your Fur Baby would like something ice-cold that can be either a toy or a refreshing ice-cold treat. Dogs can freeze berries in coconut milk or one of their treats can be frozen in a bowl of water. Cats and dogs both love watermelon so remember to share when handing it out to the humans but please remember to remove the seeds. Cats can also enjoy some frozen peas and ice cubes.


There is nothing better than having the memories of Christmas 2021 in the form of a photoshoot for the whole family. This time create fun activities that highlight your Fur Baby’s personality. If they enjoy digging have a photoshoot with garden accessories and Fur baby doing what they love the most. If your feline Fur Baby enjoys laying on random parts of the counter, why not have the whole family in your cats favourite positions on the counter. Get matching outfits and toys to make it a fun-filled action shoot. These can also be used as your family’s festive season card!


#DIDYOUKNOW grooming your Fur baby is a great bonding experience for your family. While this is a great tip for enjoying the Christmas break let’s be honest NOBODY wants to be home right now! There are plenty of hotels, Airbnb and B&B’s that will gladly host your pets. Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes for everyone to enjoy their holiday season. Pack up the car and travel this festive season. We recommend supporting our local communities. Make sure you travel with all your Fur Family’s comfort items and set them up in a similar fashion to make sure that your Fur Baby is comfortable. 

#DIDYOUKNOW – At PETport with every crate fitting we give our clients PETport Travel Kits which contain comfort items for both humans and Fur babies. Crate fitting is an intricate and crucial part of your Fur Baby’s relocation. This is their safe haven during their international and domestic travels. Make sure you schedule your crate fitting with our team, bring in your Fur Baby, have a coffee with your consultant! We can’t wait to meet you, mask to mask!

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