Zonke launches own digital mus

Afro-pop musician Zonke Dikana. Image via Instagram @zonkemusic

Zonke launches own digital music streaming platform  

Zonke Dikana launches music streaming platform Orion with album Embo.

Zonke launches own digital mus

Afro-pop musician Zonke Dikana. Image via Instagram @zonkemusic

South African R&B and Afro-soul singer Zonke Dikana, recently announced that she has launched her own digital streaming platform, Orion.

The multi-award-winning musician took to Twitter to announce that her fans can now stream her latest album Embo, which was only available in physical format and was now available to stream exclusively through the platform.


Zonke announced that her app is currently only available on android devices. While making the announcement, her iOS user fans requested her to make it available to the platform so they can stream her album as well.

“My new APP is ready, it’s live! This the only digital platform (my own) where you’ll find my new album #Embo. Please go to the Android App Store, download, subscribe & enjoy,” she tweeted. 

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Although the Feelings hitmaker has a loyal fan base, some of her fans were concerned about having to pay a monthly fee to listen to one album since the only way to stream it is through the artist’s newly launched app.


Recall that the mother of one announced the title of her fifth 15-track studio album in March 2023. While sharing the official cover for the album, the artist further revealed that she was going “old school” with the release of the album.

According to IOL Entertainment, the artist explained that she had wanted to try things differently with this album’s release as digital platforms are crowded.

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“As we all know digital platforms are crowded and most people go there and drown because it’s crowded. Even the best music drowns there so I felt that it’s not a platform for me but my old music will stay there, however, for this album, I just want to try new things, even if those things are old these days,” she said.

While explaining that she wanted to try an old school way of doing things, which is going back to CDs, she further said: “I did my research, I asked people at my concerts, do you want CDs? Luckily for me, my audience is people like me, people who enjoy collecting music, having to read thank you’s and who played what.”