Zola Zeelvin reacts to rumours she cheated on Prince Kaybee. Images via Instagram @princekaybee_sa @zolazeelovin.

Zola Zeelovin pregnancy: How many children does Prince Kaybee have?

Although Zola Zeelovin did not confirm whether Prince Kaybee is the father of her child or not, does the DJ already have children?


Zola Zeelvin reacts to rumours she cheated on Prince Kaybee. Images via Instagram @princekaybee_sa @zolazeelovin.

DJ Prince Kaybee’s girlfriend, media personality Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo, popularly as Zola Zeelovin announced her pregnancy on 7 October. 


The media personality surprised her fans a followers when she announced that she was pregnant last week. Zola Zeelovin and Prince Kaybee have been together for about five years. However, in May this year the DJ confessed to cheating on her after his “side chick” named Eurica came forward with screenshots and screenreocrdings of their Instagram Direct Messages (DM). The DM’s revealed their sneaky meet ups and more. 

To add insult to injury, DJ Hazel Mahazard thereafter leaked Prince Kaybee’s nude on Twitter. She spologised after a letter of demand was sent. However, this left Prince Kaybee and Zola Zeelovin’s relationship status unknown. It is unclear whether the pair have broken up or not as they’ve kept a low social media profile, with each other. 

Both Prince Kaybee and Zola Zeelovin have not removed each others pictures from Instagram which usually happens after a break-up. While their relationship status is unknown, the father of Zola Zeelovin’s baby has also not been revealed. Therefore, it is not confirmed whether it is infact the Club Controller hitmaker’s baby or not.

Does Prince Kaybee have any children already? He does. 


It is known that Prince Kaybee has one child – a son. Prince Kaybee, his “baby mama” and his son were in the spotlight back in 2018 when the DJ was accused of not paying child support. 

Prince Kaybee’s son was reportedly born in August 2017. The identity of the mother of his child was not revealed but the Sowetan reported that she is originally from Venda in Limpopo. At the time she said that the DJ never bothered to see her and the baby after she gave birth. 


A few months after the accusations the DJ decided to take responsibility for his actions or lack thereof. He spoke out about becoming the giving meaning to “best male” after he won that award at the Samas in 2018.

“I wanna take this ‘Best Male’ award beyond my music. I wanna be a best male in my life. I take full responsibility for not handling the papgeld matter correctly which led to the baby mama going public and everything went South,” he wrote on Twitter at the time. 

“I have since fixed matters with the mother of my child, we now have a healthy co-parenting relationship and all parties are at peace. This is not something I expect to be congratulated for. But since I won Best Male for my music I would like to expand the meaning,” he continued.

He went on to challenge other men to be the best male they could be 24 hours each day. It seems that he did mend his relationship with his child. In May this year, he revealed he took his son with him for his gigs.

Following the news of Zola Zeelovin’s pregnancy, Prince Kaybee is yet to speak out about whether she is carrying his child or not. It is not confirmed whether the DJ has any other children.

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