Zola 7

Zola 7 looks healthier and happier. Image via Facebook: Bonginkosi Zola7 Dlamini

Comeback king: Fans elated as Zola 7 returns to his former self [watch]

Rising from the ashes: Zola 7 just hosted the Strictly Kwaito Legends Festival and he looks healthier and happier than he’s been in a while.

Zola 7

Zola 7 looks healthier and happier. Image via Facebook: Bonginkosi Zola7 Dlamini

Over the last few months, many South Africans have voiced their concern for esteemed media personality Zola 7 and his well-being. The well-known TV presenter disappeared from the spotlight but soon caught many people’s attention after he was recorded looking frail and unwell.

Since then, many South African celebrities have been offering a helping hand while civilians sent in donations to help bring the media personality back to his former glory. It appears their help is finally making a difference in Zola’s life.

Zola 7 looks vibrant and healthy in new clip

Kwaito musician and former television star Bonginkosi Dlamini popularly known as Zola 7 appears to be making a swift comeback and his many fans couldn’t be happier.

The legendary media personality started making headlines a few months ago after fans noticed that he looked unwell and neglected – something many people found shocking considering his successful career as a TV presenter in the past.

The clip sparked a number of reactions from social media users and celebs who offered to help the star with donations, visits, and even kind words.

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It appears all their help has definitely helped Zola make a comeback. He recently sat down with Metro FM’s Khutso Tseledi and MoFlava where he thanked everyone for their love and support.

Zola also hosted the Kwaito Legends Festival at the Bears Palace in Mpumalanga on Saturday 2 April and headed online shortly afterward to share that he had received such a warm welcome in Mpumalanga.

“I swear I wasn’t crying… The love I am being shown in Mpumalanga is so amazing. #Namanje,” he wrote in a Twitter post on Saturday.

Meanwhile, his fans have warm words

@themba_tim said:

“You are the guy who taught us how to dream when we were kids… Of course, you are loved… All over the country… Hola 7”

@RangerLoneliest said:

“Years back around 2005, we were at a party together in Meredale(around Southgate) having a conversation. I remember the humility & wisdom you were imparting even though you were a big star then. MAY YOU RISE AGAIN FROM THE ASHES, GROOTMAN.”

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