Zodwa Wabantu sexual assault

Image via Instagram: @Zodwalibram

Hands off! Man tries to get touchy feely with Zodwa Wabantu [watch]

A video clip of exotic entertainer Zodwa Wabantu getting ‘sexually harassed’ has left many South Africans both concerned and disgusted.

Zodwa Wabantu sexual assault

Image via Instagram: @Zodwalibram

South African Twitter has been buzzing since yesterday after a clip involving Zodwa Wabantu was shared online. In the clip, the exotic dancer can be seen performing at what looks like a party when suddenly one of the many fans who are cheering her on, touches her private parts.

Zodwa Wabantu finds herself shoving a perv

Mzansi’s raunchiest entertainer Zodwa Wabantu has once again found herself the topic of the day. This after a video clip of a man touching her private part was started circulating online.

In the video that was taken on an unknown date, Zodwa can be seen performing at a party while a number of people dance and drink around her. Not long thereafter, a man puts his hand inside her underwear but is quickly pushed away by both Zodwa and what appears to be a security guard who is standing nearby.

Judging by the clip, Zodwa did not seem to make a big deal about getting sexually harassed as she just continues her performance as the pervy man steps out of the camera’s view.


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South Africans raise their concern

Many locals seem to be truly troubled by the clip and have been discussing it on Twitter ever since it popped up. A video of Zodwa dismissing another incident of sexual harassment that took place a few years ago also popped up as people justified the man’s behaviour by saying that Zodwa doesn’t mind.

Not everyone is ready to sweep it under the carpet and made this very clear in a number of tweets regarding the assault:

@RealMrumaDrive said:

“The Zodwa video is disturbing.”

@WexySa said:

“My worry is that this boy here is gonna think this is right. Whether Zodwa is okay with it or not..remains wrong. This boy is gonna do this to somebody else. We must learn to respect women.”

@unathi_ said:

“Nothing about that video of Zodwa Wabantu being sexually assaulted is funny or okay. it does not matter that Zodwa is a sexually liberated woman, wears revealing clothing, you do not have the right to touch people in their private areas EVER.”

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