Ntsiki Mazwai slams GBV

Ntsiki Mazwai just wants to pay her legal fees. Image via Twitter: @ntsikimazwai

‘Zero intellect’: Things get heated as Ntsiki and Nota talk GBV on Twitter

‘Both are irrational extremists’: Nota Baloyi and Ntsiki Mazwai butt heads while discussing what many are calling a ‘GBV pandemic’ in SA.

Ntsiki Mazwai slams GBV

Ntsiki Mazwai just wants to pay her legal fees. Image via Twitter: @ntsikimazwai

On Monday night this week, Ntsiki Mazwai opened a Twitter Space to discuss Gender-Based Violence. Ntsiki and a number of other Twitter users including Nota Baloyi also discussed Amanda du Pont and Jub Jub’s rape case. Things seemingly got a little out of hand as certain men felt attacked by the women in the Twitter Space.

South Africans have now shared their thoughts on the conversation.

Ntsiki Mazwai opens Twitter Space to discuss GBV and other things

For years now Gender-Based Violence has been a massive crisis in South Africa and across the world. Despite this, every day we are bombarded with news of women being raped and murdered.

Most recently, South Africans were left shocked when actress Amanda du Pont accused her ex-boyfriend Jub Jub of sexually abusing her during their two-year-long relationship.

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In light of this, human rights activist Ntsiki Mazwai opened a Twitter Space where she and a bunch of people discussed what many are calling a GBV pandemic in the country.

During the discussion, things became heated as former entertainment manager Nota Baloyi called Ntsiki out for pushing the narrative that all South African men are “evil.”

Here’s what locals thought of the Space

The was a clear line between men and women and their thoughts on the discussion. Quite a few men were of the opinion that Nota was being “silenced” by the women in the space.

Women on the other hand found that Nota was making excuses for GBV while trying to justify the actions of the accused.

@MxolisiSibaya said:

“I won’t even bother… It’s probably more of a misandrist space than it is anything. I hear also Nota is in this space. Must be a mess… I’ve always said Nota and Ntsiki deserve each other. Both are irrational extremists with zero intellect. #NtsikiSpaces”

@LosisiLo said:

“I can not believe how @lavidaNOTA was literally shouting at the women speakers on #NtsikiSpaces! For heaven’s sake, have some respect for your co-host and speakers.”

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