Zahara mbuyiseni

Zahara has passed away.
Image via Instagram @zaharasa

Singer Zahara defends herself after backlash for alleged drunk clip

Mzansi singer Zahara has defended herself after a clip of her allegedly under the influence and unable to sing was shared online.

Zahara mbuyiseni

Zahara has passed away.
Image via Instagram @zaharasa

South African musician Zahara has found herself needing to defend her character and her singing skills. It all started when a video of the young musician allegedly drunk, slurring some of the words to one of her songs was shared on Twitter. After the video was shared, many South Africans had a fat lot to say about both her singing and her choice of friends.

Zahara lets her hair loose and her voice go

Loliwe singer Zahara was recently spotted in a clip having quite the time with a group of friends. In the clip, the musician appears to be at a party when someone asks her to please sing a little bit. After giving it a hearty attempt, she appears to be unable to get her words right and eventually gives up.

The clip garnered many reactions from South Africans who criticised Zahara’s friends for firstly taking the clip and secondly allowing it to be circulated online. Others however defended the singer:

Ms_Chali said:

“Somebody help me understand. Since I’ve never been drunk. What makes Zahara funny in this video. Coz she’s just singing. Some of you do worse things when you’re drunk. She’s just having harmless fun like every other human being. Niyamhlukumeza losisi.”

While @wehappyk said:

“Zahara is always surrounded by wrong friends, ain’t no way people who love seeing you win would post this, they’re sabotaging her upcoming album.”

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The singer defends herself

Zahara however wasn’t going to get all the tweets and bad comments get to her. The singer headed online and explained to her critics, fans, and followers that she was very happy the day that the video was taken. She also says that she stands behind her vocals.

“I was very happy in that moment and I stand behind my vocals. Have a blessed Sunday bethunana.”

Fellow musician Makhadzi showed her support for the singer and wrote:

“I love you,” in the comment section of the post.

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