‘You’: Is Cardi B Joe Goldberg

Cardi B and Penn Badgley. Images via Instagram @iamcardib @pennbadgley.

‘You’: Is Cardi B Joe Goldberg’s new obsession? [watch]

Cardi B and Penn Badgley have changed their profile pictures to that of one another! Does this mean the rapper is Joe Goldberg’s next obsession?

‘You’: Is Cardi B Joe Goldberg

Cardi B and Penn Badgley. Images via Instagram @iamcardib @pennbadgley.

After a video of American actor Penn Badgley praising rapper Cardi B went viral on social media on 17 October, the pair seemed to have formed an unlikely friendship. 


While doing a press conference for You, Penn Badgley who plays Joe Goldberg spoke about how social media can be meaningful. Although he seemed to be rambling on in the clip, he said that he may not know how to engage an audience, but Cardi B is a great example of someone who is authentic on social media.

“I really appreciate people who have this second nature relationship (with social media). That’s when you do have something meaningful to post,” he said. 

“Cardi B is a great example. She has such an authentic relationship (with her followers),” he continued.

The clip racked up 2.6 million views. The rapper saw the video and was humbled that Penn knew who she was. 

“OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!! OMMMGGGG!!!!!!Yoooo like I’m famous famous,” she wrote on Twitter.

Penn responded to Cardi B with just one letter “I”. 

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It did not take long for Penn to turn into Joe and change his Twitter profile picture to Cardi B. The rapper then changed her profile picture to Penn. 

Cardi B and Penn Badgley change their profile pictures to each other. Images via screenshot from Twitter @iamcardib @pennbadgley.

In the series, Joe’s weakness is women. His character flaw is that he believes in love so deeply he becomes obsessed with whomever becomes the object of his affection. First it was his ex-girlfriend — Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers) followed by Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) in the first season. 

In season two he falls for Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) until he finds out she is also a murderer. He marries her in season three but later falls for two other women — Natalie Engler (Michaela McManus) and Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle).

So, is Cardi B Joe’s new obsession? Well she may be! There is already a campaign for the Bodak Yellow hitmaker to appear in season four of the series. Just a day ahead of the release of You season three, Netflix announced that the series has been renewed for a fourth season. 

Fans now want Cardi B to join the cast! 

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