Somizi Khanyi Mbau

Somizi loved Khanyi Mbau’s sex scene. Image via Instagram: @somizi

‘You have to pay to look like this’: Somizi feels himself in new IG clip

‘Nobody is born ugly, you are just born poor,’ said Somizi while showing off his face beat and new hairdo in a IG clip.

Somizi Khanyi Mbau

Somizi loved Khanyi Mbau’s sex scene. Image via Instagram: @somizi

South African social media personality Somizi is known to go over the top when it comes to glam and extravagance. The former Idols SA judge recently headed online to share that his secret to looking good is nothing other then money. According to Somgaga, no one is actually ugly – all it takes is a little cash and a good glam team.

Somizi says no one is born ugly – just poor

Somizi Mhlongo is one of the country’s most loud and proud celebrities. He always dresses to match his personality and let’s just say, it is definitely over the top!

He recently headed to Instagram to show off his glam look that featured neat cornrows – something that the star hasn’t tried before.

While sharing his new look, he also shared some advice about what it takes to look good. According to SomSom, all one needs is a little money.

He also added that his good looks are all credited to the fact that he has a fat wallet and a fabulous glam team who always makes sure he is on point.

Advice from a glamourous celeb – get a glam team

“This is my glam squad that made this possible but this would not be possible without money. You have to pay to look like this. Nobody is born ugly, you are just born poor”.

He also shared that people with the talent for something can never perfect those things on themselves which is why even a professional will need to employ a professional.

“If you are a fashion designer you dress k**k. If you are a make-up artist you look ratchet , if you are a hairstylist you look scruffy and here is the testament, here’s my team.”

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