Dr Malinga age

Dr Malinga. image via Instagram @drmalinga

‘You are a kid lol’: Birthday boy Dr Malinga’s age shocks fans [pictures]

Musician Dr Malinga celebrated his birthday, and some fans were left shocked by his age, saying he was only a kid.

Dr Malinga age

Dr Malinga. image via Instagram @drmalinga

South African musician Dr Malinga is celebrating his birthday, and his age was revealed.

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Most fans enjoyed his music and the headlines surrounding his name but were never bothered by his age.

While celebrating his birthday, Dr Malinga left some fans digging to know his age, and they were surprised.

His birthday meant a lot to him; he spoke about his struggles and how much some people wanted him dead.

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His birthday post left some fans asking him to name and shame the people who wanted to bury him alive.

One fan specifically asked him to do so, saying.

“Name and shame once dokotela”

 Dr Malinga age
Dr Malinga. image via Instagram @drmalinga


The famous musician shared the news of his birthday on Twitter and Instagram as he turned forty-three years.

“Happy birthday my Myself. Dr Goodwill Dr Malinga, thank you Lord for giving life, through my ups and down you protected me,some wanted me dead,but you wanted me alive,many turned their backs on me but comforted me,some have written me off but you gave me new chapters thanks bye” he said.

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His birthday message reminded his fans of his struggles when he got broke a few years ago.

Speaking of his struggles, Dr Maling shed tears on screen and left his fans pledging for him to take care of his children.

Celebrating another birthday meant a lot to Dr Malinga as he remembered the past ages of hardships.


Responding to Dr Malings’s birthday post, some fans wished him more, and some were shocked at his age.

“Just wish yourself a happy one,and otlogele batho ledi tshele my brother. Positivity can take us a long way. Happy Birthday Mr.💥💥🕺🏼”

“Aaaah Malinga man, you are a kid lol, l thought you are a big man kkkkk. happy birthday mate.”

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“Malinga bae, happy birthday my GOAT”

“Happy birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 🎊 Lingas lepara la kasie . Lord almighty God bless this special day and make all ur dreams & wishes come true 🙏”

“Happy birthday brol ukhule ukhokhobe i wish you laughter and happiness enjoy much love ❤”