Connie Chiume family dance

Connie Chiume and family. Images via Instagram @conniechiume

‘Yahyuppiyah challenge’: Connie Chiume’s family dances go viral [watch]

Gomora actress MamSonto’ Connie Chiume and her family produced some incredible Yahyuppiyah challenge dance moves.

Connie Chiume family dance

Connie Chiume and family. Images via Instagram @conniechiume

Gomora actress Connie Chiume and her family took it to the stage to produce some ‘Yahyuppiyah challenge’ dance moves.

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Indeed, it’s good things after good things in Connie Chiume’s current life. The news that Gomora is cancelled may be the only bad news she has to deal with. However, her two children have also launched a new show ready to air.

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Indeed, who on earth would not be happy to see her children making such vast and essential success? On top of that, she has her grandchildren to dance with as they made the ‘Yahyuppiayah challenge’ dance moves. It’s joy after joy, and who can stop the grandmother from having some quality time with her grandchildren?

Connie Chiume family dance
Connie Chiume. Image via Instagram @conniechiume


Indeed, Amapiano is hitting hard even to the older generation of society. A few days ago, we thought we had seen it all when Deli Malinga produced some delicate moves. Indeed, that was only the start, as 70-year-old Connie Chiume and her family had something better in the ‘Yayyuppiyah challenge’.

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She took the stage with her two beautiful grand children who also had some nice moves to blend with Connie. The three ladies indeed had no intention of showing their dancing talent but rather making some good comedy. On the caption, Connie said:

It’s a Friday afternoon, time with the ladies… lol

Only Connie Chiume had some motivation to show the world that she still has some energy despite her age. She showed so much power that one would not believe she was already 70. She revealed nothing of the person she shows on Gomora as MamSonto; she is loving and kind. Looking at the faces of her grandchildren, you could see how much bonding with their grandmother meant.

Watch Connie Chiume and family’s Yahyuppiyah challenge dance moves


Only a few people can have the privilege of doing the ‘Yahyuppiyah’ family dance challenge at 70 years. This is precisely what Connie is living, and her children are making serious strides in the entertainment industry.

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Her two daughters have launched a podcast called The Kids of the Celebrity and are raring to start. They will interview celebs’ children to learn how they lived since childhood.